How to create email on your phone

Mail account When purchasing a new device on the Android platform, you need to register it to gain access to all functions (set up a Google account). To carry out the procedure, the owner must indicate the data of the Google account, which will contain all important information about the actions taken.

The best way to create a new account is on the website. To do this, you can use Google Chrome or any other browser installed on your smartphone. If you carry out the procedure directly from the device or from an already downloaded client, then the set of possibilities may be limited (for example, you cannot skip entering a phone number).

What does registration give?

Among the special functions available after data entry are the following:

  • Access to the Play Market. The store gives you access to millions of apps to provide essential smartphone functions, games and other programs.
  • Synchronization of contacts. You can configure the automatic adding of contacts to your account. The list will be available from the corresponding section of Google.
  • The calendar. You can indicate important events on your smartphone or on the website, the application will remind you of it.
  • Google drive. Cloud storage allows you to store files without taking up device memory. All data will be available online from a computer or other device.

Smartphones based on Android have tons of built-in programs from Google. This includes:

  • Gmail email.
  • Google drive.
  • Google photos.
  • Google video.
  • Google games.
  • Google books.
  • Google pay – payments from the phone.

All applications are designed to perform certain operations, but they require a Google account to be activated.

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Google account and gmail registration

To register a new account, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Go to, in the upper right corner, select the account icon (add account) and enter the required information:

Register a Google account

  1. Unique username. This field can contain Latin letters, numbers, special characters. After that, the account will become [email protected], where XXX is a unique name.
  2. Enter your password. It can also use numbers and Latin letters. The length is at least 8 characters.
  3. Entering a phone number makes it easier to register for some services and get passwords.

Register phone number

It is not necessary to leave the number. The user can simply leave the line blank.

The next step is to accept the terms of use and privacy.

Privacy and terms of use

The entire text must be read, or at least scrolled to the end. After that, the 'Accept' button will appear, which allows the user to go to a blank mailbox.

The procedure is complete. There is now an account among Google services that contains user information. This data can be specified in any other device. Contacts, to-do list and other data are synchronized with all connected devices. Moreover, if there were previously contacts on the device, then they are added to the account data, and vice versa.

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Registration of mail

You can also download the Email application of popular services such as, Yandex, Rambler, Outlook from the Play Store on your smartphone.

Installing clients allows you to quickly access letters and perform the necessary operations with them. There are special features when registering an account for each service. The procedure is almost the same everywhere:

Go to the website and click “Register” at the top.

Registration of mail

All requested data must be specified. The mailbox name must be unique. If you find it difficult to fill in this field yourself, then the site offers several options to choose from.

Registration of mail

You can choose how your mail will end, to which domain:


Choosing a domain for mail

The mailbox binding will change accordingly.

The site has a column 'phone number' and just below the button 'I don't have a mobile phone'. A new subscriber can indicate a personal number or refuse it. By clicking on the 'I do not have a mobile phone' button, the user sees a line asking him to enter an additional email (this backup mailbox is needed to restore access to the mailbox). You can skip this step. If registration takes place not on the site, but through the client application, then it is impossible to refuse to enter the number.

The next step is to enter the identity verification code. By clicking on the 'Register' button, the user is taken to a page offering to enter a combination of numbers and letters in the picture in the appropriate field.

Registration code from picture

After that, you need to click “continue”, and registration is completed. You can use a mailbox.

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Yandex mail registration

On the website, the menu is located in the upper right corner. To register a new account, click “Login” – “Register”. The first stage is entering personal data.

Yandex mail registration

When registering on the site, it is also possible to refuse to enter a phone number. The box name must be unique, contain letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers and allowed symbols. If desired, you can choose one of the options offered by the system.

Login for Yandex mail

The password must be at least 6 characters long. It is allowed to use numbers, letters of the Latin alphabet and special characters.

Yandex mail registration

By default, a Yandex Money wallet is created during registration. If this is not required, then simply uncheck the corresponding checkbox at the bottom of the screen.

If the user does not want to provide a mobile phone number, then this can be refused. Then the system offers to indicate the answer to one of the security questions for the possibility of password recovery in the future.

Security question to mail

Next, enter the characters in the pictures below – this is protection against automatic registration by robots. By clicking the register button, the user is taken to the main page of the mailbox.

On Yandex, you registered not just mail, but a whole Account to which Yandex services are linked: mail, yandex-money, cloud storage, market, telephony, weather, videos and pictures, buying air tickets, poster, news and much more.

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Rambler mail registration

Go to the website and click “Enter mail” at the top left. The login window will open, at the bottom click “Register”.

Rambler mail registration

By clicking on the registration button, the user is taken to the page for entering personal information.

Rambler mail registration

Here you also need to specify a unique username and password, which must contain at least 8 characters and at least one lowercase and one uppercase Latin letter.

You will not be able to register without specifying a phone number.

Provide phone number

A 6-digit code will be sent to the specified number, which will need to be entered in a special field.

After specifying all the information, registration on the service takes place, the subscriber gets access to all the Rambler features, including the poster, news and other services.

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Registering Outlook Mail

To register, go to Select “Create Free Account”.

Create outlook mail

You will be automatically redirected to the site Microsoft. The Outlook email client assumes you have an account Microsoft.

Outlook mail registration

If you have an account Skype, you can enter its details and mail will be available. Creating an account involves entering a new name.

You can use a valid mailbox as an address or receive new data. @ is the default address ending, but you can also select @

After entering the original name, the system prompts you to enter a password.

Create a password for mail

It is allowed to use uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, numbers and symbols.

In the next window, the user must enter the last name and first name, country of residence and date of birth for identification.

Account details

Entering a phone number is required to obtain the necessary codes, link cards.

Phone number for mail

After specifying the code that was sent to the mobile phone, the user can enter the mailbox with the specified data.

E-mail is a storage for important information, allows you to connect to the cloud storage and receive letters from organizations, individuals and services.

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