How to change the notification sound Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp?

Internet messengers In Internet messengers, you can easily change the sound of an incoming message if the old one is tired. Or you can turn off the sound altogether, leaving vibration.

How to change facebook messenger notification sound?

  1. Launch Facebook messenger and in the chat window, click on your profile icon. Profile icon
  2. Go to the settings “Notifications and sounds”.
  3. And here we change the settings: Notifications and sounds
    • incl. – enable or disable sound notifications for an incoming message;
    • light – activate the phone screen when a message arrives;
    • notification sound – select music for incoming message. There are about 50 sound options available;
    • vibration for free calls – enable or disable vibration when calling another contact through the messenger;
    • sound in the application – turns off all sounds in the messenger.
  4. Let's set up “Notification Management” separately. Here you can turn off any notifications, vibration, sounds and light indication altogether. Facebook messenger settings
  5. So, the key settings for sound and notifications: Profile photo -> Notifications and sounds -> Manage notifications.

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How to customize WhatsApp notification sound?

It's much easier to change the sound of a message, notification or call in the whatsApp messenger.

  1. Launch whatsApp and go to settings in the top right menu (ellipsis). Watsap settings
  2. Select “Notifications & Customize”:
    • notification sound (can be changed to your own ringtone);
    • vibration (short, long, or off altogether);
    • pop-up notification (enable or disable);
    • light – background color in chats.
  3. Here, set sounds, vibration and notifications for group chats and groups.
  4. Set the ringtone and vibration here. Sound settings in whatsapp

So, we have set vibration and sounds in messengers for incoming messages and calls.

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