How to Android set Spotify music to alarm

This summer, a significant event took place in Russia for all music lovers – we finally launched Spotify. After so many years of waiting, the music streaming service has officially made it to the Russian market. They waited for its launch for so long that already on the first day after the release, tens and hundreds of thousands of users left their places on Apple Music, Yandex.Music and VK places and went on a forced migration to Spotify. Frankly, it made sense, given that so far only the Swedish service offers such a competent recommendation system. Well, and the ability to set a track on the alarm, of course. As without it.

How to Android set Spotify music to alarm

Spotify lets you set any track as your alarm

To begin with, there is no alarm clock in Spotify itself, no matter how much you look. Therefore, to set your favorite track as a wake-up call, you need the Clock app from Google. Yes, you understood correctly, in addition to Spotify itself, without which you will not have access to the track list, you will also need to set the 'Clock'. But don't be in a hurry to refuse. Google's clock app that includes an alarm clock is a very handy thing that I've been using on a regular basis for a long time.

Track from Spotify as Alarm

  • Download Spotify and Clock apps from Google Play;
  • Register with Spotify or log in;

How to Android set Spotify music to alarm

You can't install a track without logging into Spotify

  • Launch the Clock and go to the 'Alarm Clock' section;
  • Click on the '+', set the time and then click on the bell icon to select an alarm;

How to Android set Spotify music to alarm

Optionally, you can choose the track that you like

  • In the window that opens, select Spotify Music and find the track you like;
  • Place a checkmark in front of it, which will set the track as an alarm signal.

First, you will be presented with the melodies that, according to the service, are best suited for an alarm clock. However, if among them you do not find a suitable one, you can scroll down the tape with the proposed compositions. After that, the 'Search' button will appear on the screen. Click on it and fill in the name of the track that you would like to hear every morning in the search bar. Set it to beep and enjoy. However, I want to warn you: it's better not to choose your favorite song if you don't want it to start to annoy you, especially if you get up early in the morning.

Alarm clock from Spotify

How to Android set Spotify music to alarm

A track from Spotify will wake you up exactly until you delete the service application

In general, there is nothing difficult in installing a third-party melody. However, be careful, the Spotify + Clock bundle has a number of limitations. For example, if you do not first take care of installing the Spotify application on your smartphone, the Clock will not offer to set a track hosted on the Swedish platform as an alarm signal. In addition, it will not work, first download the music service, install the song you like on the call, and then delete it – the song will simply fly off, and the standard melody will wake you up.

You don't need a paid subscription to use music tracks on Spotify as your alarm clock. Access to this feature is completely free and open even for basic account owners. The main thing is to have the Spotify app downloaded and be authorized. Otherwise, the 'Clock' will simply not allow you to open the music service widget and select the melody you like, limiting you only to the standard compositions of the application itself.

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