How to Android enable back cover taps control from iOS 14

Last month Apple introduced iOS 14, one of the innovations of which is the Back Tap mechanism. Thanks to him, users could activate certain functions of compatible models iPhone by touching the back cover. It was quite difficult to understand how this works. On the one hand, Apple never announced the presence of a touch panel in the back cover, and on the other hand, it was rather difficult to believe that such a thing could be implemented based on the sensors already available in smartphones. Fortunately, anyone can activate this function.

How to Android enable back cover taps control from iOS 14

Touching the back cover can make it easier to operate the smartphone

A developer named Kieron Quinn has designed the Tap-Tap app that allows you to control your smartphone with Android touching the back cover. Despite the fact that the development is still in the testing stage, which means, most likely, it will continue to improve, already now it works just unquestioningly. Looking ahead, I will say that for all the time that I have been using Tap-Tap, I have not had a single complaint about the application – it perceived my commands so clearly and accurately.

How to enable control on the back cover of the smartphone

  • Download the Tap-Tap APK from this link and install it;
  • Launch Tap-Tap and enable accessibility;

How to Android enable back cover taps control from iOS 14

If you don't give the app permission, it won't work

  • Go to the Actions tab and click Add Actions;
  • Select the action to be performed on tap;

How to Android enable back cover taps control from iOS 14

So far there are not as many teams as we would like, but the main ones are in place

  • Return to the home screen and open the Gates tab;
  • Choose scenarios in which double tap will not work: charging, screen off, phone call.

You don't even have to leave the app to activate the command you have given. Let's say I have this creating a screenshot. I just tap the cover twice with the pad of my index finger, and the smartphone takes a screenshot. For the command to work, you need to hit hard enough – at least in my case. But, apparently, it depends on the smartphone model and the sensitivity of its sensors. After all, each individual device may have different sensitivity settings, so just focus on how it perceives touch.

How easy it is to take screenshots on Android

How to Android enable back cover taps control from iOS 14

Taking a screenshot with a double tap on the back cover is easier than using two keys

While the developer does not explain if Tap-Tap is actually based on an accelerometer and gyroscope, he emphasizes that machine learning is used for more accurate recognition. Thus, the application manages to minimize the number of false positives, but it takes time. That is, if right after installation the smartphone works too sensitively, activating the commands immediately after unlocking, wait a little – pretty soon it will learn and will make mistakes less often.

In my opinion, Tap-Tap is just a super app that – I'm not afraid to say this – takes smartphone control to a whole new level. After all, if now the same mechanism for creating screenshots by default is activated by pressing two buttons at once, then thanks to the tapping recognition function, I can take screenshots with much more convenience than before. But in this way you can call the voice assistant, and activate the flash, and turn on the camera. I'm afraid to imagine what will happen when the application is released.

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