How to add a train ticket to Google pay

Users iOS know how convenient the Wallet app is. There, in addition to bank cards used to pay via Apple Pay, you can add a lot more – from passes and discount cards to travel and boarding passes. Everything is done so simply that you get used to it instantly, and then you can’t get it off when you switch to Android, where it is implemented in a slightly different way. Well, at least less advanced users think so. And, meanwhile, even on Google Play, you can add both maps and tickets.

Google Pay

Google Pay is not just a contactless payment tool, but also a wallet replacement

Contrary to popular belief, Google Pay supports quite a few digital tools, virtual copies of which can be stored in its memory. Thus, users have the opportunity not to print, for example, tickets, but simply show the conductor or controller a QR or bar code on the screen of their smartphone. It scans them and lets you board an airplane, train, bus or train, depending on which mode of transport you have chosen. Here's how to add a ticket to Google Pay using the example of a Russian Railways ticket.

Transfer Russian Railways ticket to Google Pay

  • Go to the RZD app and open the context menu with a swipe from the left edge of the screen;
  • Open the 'My Orders' tab and in the window that opens, select the flight for which you want to add tickets to Google Pay;


Adding train tickets to Google Pay is easy

  • Having opened the tickets itself or tickets, if there are several of them, click on the 'Actions' button;
  • Here, among the options, find the item 'Save to phone' and confirm the action.

From now on, a digital copy of the ticket will appear in Google Pay. To find it, launch the payment service application and go to the 'Cards' section. Don't ask me why tickets are added to the cards – I still don't know what to answer you – but somehow they are stored here on the same list with discount cards that you probably use in stores. Open the ticket and you will see that the copy saved in Google Pay includes a complete list of data that was specified in the Russian Railways application. Therefore, it is definitely not worth worrying about its performance.

How to add boarding passes to Google Pay

Google Pay tickets

Google Pay tickets include a full range of verification details

Similarly, Google Pay adds tickets from other apps, including boarding passes for airplanes that can be added from mail clients, or, say, Aeroexpress tickets. The main thing is to follow the same scenario – open the application in which you store the ticket and click on the 'Save to phone' button. If the ticket format matches, it will be saved to Google Pay. Otherwise, you will have to use the ticket from the original application in which it appeared.

Is it convenient? Definitely yes. It is clear that if you have already installed the application of Russian Railways, S7, Aeroflot, Aeroexpress and other carriers, most likely you do not need to download tickets to Google Pay from there. But, if you buy them through the website, and then receive them by mail, then the ability to store all tickets in one place is clearly useful to you. After all, thanks to the storage function in your smartphone, you will probably not get confused in the number of tickets and will be able to use them for their intended purpose, without worrying about the performance of the rest of the software.

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