How I made a status bar on Android high

For me, customization Android has always been something distant and downright geeky. Well, why, I thought, to change something, if the developers – obviously not stupid people – have already thought of everything for me? For a long time, I was quite happy with my position, and I had no desire to change anything in the interface of my smartphone, especially since usually for this I had to reflash something or install third-party mods. However, I slightly changed my attitude towards such a phenomenon as customization when I got acquainted with the Super Status Bar application.

How I made a status bar on Android high

Not satisfied with the status bar on Android? Customize it

This application, as the name implies, allows you to customize the status bar Android – your smartphone the way you want it. In fact, at first I was attracted only by the function of locking the smartphone by double-clicking on the top of the screen, but it quickly became clear that this program could greatly improve such a seemingly insignificant component of the operating system, like the status bar.

Permissions for Android

How I made a status bar on Android high

The application will ask for two privileges – give them

First, you need to give Super Status Bar two privileges: the ability to change settings and open access to the accessibility service. This is necessary for the application to be able to make changes to the status bar and expand its functionality.

After the permissions have been granted, return to the home screen. Here you will see 7 tabs that hide the status bar settings. Looking ahead, I will say that I do not advise you to turn on all the parameters at once, firstly, so as not to get confused, and, secondly, so as not to overload it.

How can I block Android – smartphone

The first thing I did was turn on the ability to block the smartphone by double tap on the status bar. To do this, open the 'Gestures' tab – 'Double tap' and activate the 'Screen off' option. After that, you can quickly and easily turn off the screen without using the physical power key. This is very convenient in situations when the smartphone is lying on the table, but you do not have the opportunity to pick it up for some reason, or if the side on / off button is broken.

How I made a status bar on Android high

It is really convenient to control the status bar using gestures

Then I adjusted the brightness of the display by swiping to the right or left on the status bar. As it turned out, this is a very cool feature, which I missed for a long time, because indoors I always had a lot of the maximum brightness of my Honor View 20, and not enough on the street. To activate this mechanism, go to the Gestures tab and enable the Swipe option. Here you can also set up calling specific applications using gestures, but, in my opinion, this would be too much.

How to change the status bar to Android

How I made a status bar on Android high

On Android you can replace the usual status bar with a solution from iOS

To be honest, I never liked the status bar icons on Android and always liked the implementation iOS. Therefore, it was a positive discovery for me that the Super Status Bar allows you to replace the classic status bar Android with the solution used in iOS. To do this, go to the tab 'Status Bar' – 'Style' and select the one you like. Besides iOS, there are status bars from Android 10, Android 9 Pie and MIUI. However, keep in mind that such castling is only available in the paid version of the application, for which you will have to pay 189 rubles.

If you don't like the way notifications are implemented on Android, Super Status Bar will come to your aid here too. It allows you to block the appearance of pop-up windows with notifications, replacing them with a scrolling line with the content of the message. To do this, open the 'Text in line' tab and enable the option 'Running text in the status bar'. You can also adjust the speed of animation of the running text, the initial delay before its appearance, change the background on which it will appear and adjust the style of the appearance of the text.

How I made a status bar on Android high

Creeping notifications are really more convenient

Super Status Bar is one of those applications that run once. But it's true, if you can immediately configure all the configurations of the status bar, then why reopen it and make any changes? At least, I decided so for myself by including all the parameters I needed. Try it yourself. I think you will like it.

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