How Google is helping fight the coronavirus

The head of Google, Sundar Pichai, published an article on the official blog of the company, in which he shared the current success of Google in the fight against coronavirus. For example, the company is currently developing a COVID-19 coronavirus website with educational content with the US government. They plan to launch it today. In addition, the company uses a number of its own services to promote useful information on the coronavirus. The Google home page contains 'Do the Five' tips to help you reduce your risk of getting a virus. And this is just a small part of what the company does.

How Google is helping fight the coronavirus

Coronavirus has become a challenge for all mankind, including Google, which is taking effective measures to prevent its spread

Google helps people find useful information

How Google is helping fight the coronavirus

Coronavirus distribution map published on Google homepage for the query 'Coronavirus'.

Google is partnering with the US government to launch a website soon, which will publish COVID-19 training and local resources for different countries. The materials will feature best practices for preventing contamination, links to information from authoritative sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and helpful tips from Google for teachers, business and others.

How Google is helping fight the coronavirus

5 tips from Google on how to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus

The company will continue to help people find useful and fresh information through products such as Search, Maps, YouTube. Right now, the Search home page has 5 tips to help stop the spread of the virus:

  • Arms. Wash them often
  • Elbow. Sneeze into it
  • Face. do not touch him
  • Distance. Stand 1 meter away from the rest
  • Feeling bad? stay home

In the Russian search for coronavirus, you can find separate cards with links to information on coronavirus, symptoms, questions and answers, tips with a video on how to wash your hands correctly:

In addition, it would not hurt you to read another material of mine on the website, in which I analyze WHO's advice on combating coronavirus.

On the YouTube homepage, the company displays helpful videos on the coronavirus. If the user searches for information on the virus, the company will only display videos from reliable sources.

How Google is helping fight the coronavirus

For the query 'coronavirus' on YouTube, the search results on the first page only contain information from reliable sources

The company receives information about the status of schools and businesses using the Duplex neural network voice assistant and displays it in Search and
Map. How is the process going? AI Duplex calls the school and organization and inquires about the institution's openness status. In the future, the data is displayed in Search and Maps.

Travelers who use Google's Flight Tickets service and are trying to find airlines that allow them to cancel their flights are invited by Google to visit a special page that displays airlines that have changed their cancellation policy.

Protecting people from false information

The company is blocking false information on COVID-19 on YouTube, Google Maps, and in the Google Play search, the company completely removed all results for the query 'COVID-19'.

In addition, Google prohibits advertising on its sites, in which, due to the coronavirus, someone will try to lure the user. Since January of this year, Google has blocked hundreds of thousands of advertising companies that have tried to hype about the coronavirus. And last week, the company blocked all ads related to medical masks and respirators.

Remote productivity and learning

As employers have begun asking their workers to stay at home to reduce the risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading, many have started using the premium features of Google Meet, a video conferencing app that is available to all G Suite users for free until July 1, 2020. The company has also published resources for remote workers.

For 21 years, Google's mission has been to organize and access the world's information. It is more important than ever to help people get the information they need to stay healthy amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Sundar Pichai

For educators from all over the world, the company has created a variety of content, including a collection of materials on proper distance learning. The company offers a new YouTube Learning Hub channel, a series of articles and webinars for training. In Italy, Google helps schools quickly set up G Suite for Education, and provides various additional technical support through partners.

How Google and Apple are fighting the coronavirus

Previously, the company Apple donated $ 15 million to fight the virus, Google went even further and donated $ 50 million. The company has launched a page where anyone can donate funds to the World Health Organization. We have already managed to raise about $ 5 million. Donations will enable WHO to better track and analyze the spread of the virus to help its workers equip in advance.

Google also provided a $ 500,000 grant to a team of researchers at Boston Children's Hospital who are working on a HealthMap that displays up-to-date information on the spread of the virus. But that's not all, Google has provided a $ 25 million grant to governments and organizations around the world to publish information through the Google Ads ad platform.

Google helps identify coronavirus

Verily, which belongs to the Alphabet holding (formerly Google), launched a population survey through the Baseline project in order to detect the COVID-19 coronavirus in the body. If, as a result of the survey, the system considers that a person needs to be tested, it will send him to one of the mobile tests. As a bonus, Google's DeepMind Project will enable scientists to better understand the protein structure of the coronavirus.

We will continue to do our best and help people take care of themselves and their environment.

Sundar Pichai

Against the background Apple, Google's actions seem much more ambitious in the fight against the virus. The company uses virtually all of its resources to help reduce proliferation and provide distance learning for children.

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