Mozilla explains why it is worth switching from Chrome to Firefox

The popularity of Google Chrome knows no boundaries. No other browser can boast of such indicators today as it does. On mobile platforms, its share is 64%, and on desktops – as much as 69%. However, this is quite simple to explain. Chrome is convenient, fast and seemingly even secure, although the latter aspect for most users most likely does not matter. For them, the speed of work is much more important, but according to this indicator, the Google browser is clearly not in the first place. This was recalled by the Mozilla studio, which develops the Firefox browser.

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Mozilla improves Firefox for Android to make it better than Chrome

Mozilla has released an updated version of Firefox called Firefox Daylight. This update, according to the developers, should mark a new stage in the development of the branded browser. In addition to significant changes in design, he received serious software changes, which are much more important than external ones. This is made possible by the Geckoview engine that Firefox is powered by. It allowed developers to configure the browser in such a way as to improve the speed of loading web pages and processing media files.

Firefox engine

Firefox update

This is what the updated Firefox looks like for Android

The key difference between Firefox and all other browsers for Android is the use of the Geckoview engine. This allows our product to be the only truly independent web browser on the market that is available at Android. Thanks to Geckoview, we can take Firefox in whatever direction we see fit to get a quality web surfing solution. It also provides Firefox with a higher level of security than Blink browsers, ”explained Dave Camp, vice president of Firefox.

Why Firefox is better than Chrome

Here are the benefits Firefox users can look forward to:

  • High level of performance
  • Regular updates
  • Extension support
  • Tracking blocking
  • Lack of vulnerabilities typical for other browsers
  • Built-in ad blocking
  • Deep customization of the browser interface

Some of these features are certainly not unique to Firefox. Google Chrome has recently received quite a few security tools that allow you to ensure user privacy. Another thing is that Google, as one of the largest advertising platforms, in principle is not interested in preventing surveillance, because in this case the relevance of advertisements will decrease. Namely, their effectiveness, conversion and further earnings of Google depend on this, which strongly binds her hands.

Should you switch to Firefox

Firefox on Google Play

Download Firefox and try it, maybe you will like it

We want to be more than “a little more secure Chrome”. Therefore, we constantly come up with different ways to satisfy our users. As a rule, they all boil down to being faster, more functional, but easier to use. It turns out that this is the most important thing a user needs. However, it is very important not to cross the line when a functional and convenient browser becomes an operating system in an operating system. So far, we have succeeded in this, and we expect to increase the audience, – Camp emphasized.

Despite the fact that in some ways Firefox really surpasses other browsers, I personally would not dare to abandon Chrome in its favor. Still, in this case, the issue of performance is not so acute, because the difference between them is unlikely to reach even 30%. And as far as security is concerned, this is an even more difficult issue. On the one hand, probably very few people want to be spied on. But, on the other hand, when this is done so indirectly, as in the case of Google, many are willing to put up with it in exchange for convenience.

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