How easy it is to transfer applications to MIUI 10 to a memory card Xiaomi

Android smartphone memory Without further ado, let's talk about how to solve the problem of many users Xiaomi and MIUI 10 and transfer applications to the memory card from the internal one.

The fact is that the OS of Chinese developers is extremely uneconomical when it comes to spending the device's internal memory. Because of this, it quickly clogs up, and the smartphone user begins to regularly receive appropriate notifications about the lack of free space.

Getting started

We need a smartphone running on MIUI 10, as the steps described below will only work on this version of the shell, and on MIUI 9 will crash and crash the Storage Settings application. The version Android plays absolutely no role. The method does not require root-rights, third-party recovery, etc. All actions are performed by the built-in means of the mobile OS.

Attention! Before starting all the steps described, all data from the memory card must be copied to a computer, laptop, and uploaded to the cloud. In short, you need to save all the data stored on the MicroSD in a safe place, since they will be completely and irrevocably deleted.

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Step 1

Find the “Activity launcher ” application on Google Play and install it. For opponents of software from Google, the application was posted on the forum under the name 'Application Activator'.

Activity launcher

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Step 2

We launch the installed application. On the first screen we see a list of the latest actions in the system. We are not interested in it, we need a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, where the inscription “Recent actions” appears now. Click and select “All Actions”.

Recent Activity

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Step 3

We are waiting for the phone to process the list of all installed applications.

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Step 4

After that, we are looking for the item “Documents”. It is worth noting that in some firmware of third-party localizers (for example, miuiPro) this item is called “Files”.

Click on it, and in the drop-down list we are interested in the “Downloads” item with the package name

Item documents

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Step 5

Launch “Downloads” ( If the conditions are met, you have version MIUI 10 and not MIUI 9, then the Downloads application will start, which differs from the usual one. There we are interested in the item “SD-card”.

SD card

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Step 6

Select the item “SD-card”, and in the window that opens, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the item “Memory”. In some localizations, this item may be called “Memory Settings” or “Settings”. The Storage Settings window opens.


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Step 7

In the “Storage settings” window, select the “Internal memory” item.

Inner memory

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Step 8

A message will appear in the “Internal Memory” window stating that you need to format the USB flash drive before transferring applications. We select the item “Clear and format” and wait for the completion of the procedure.

Format memory card

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Step 9 – Final

This completes the preparation for transferring applications, and your phone has the opportunity to free the clogged internal memory.

Now, to transfer the application to MicroSD, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings / All applications.
  2. Select an application or game that takes up a lot of space and click on it.
  3. In the menu that appears, select the “Storage” item.
  4. In the “Storage” item, select where the application data will be stored: “Internal memory” or “External memory” (“Memory card”, “External storage”).

That's all. Hope the article was helpful.

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