How do you know that your message has reached and been read?

Facebook Messenger In this article, I will tell you how to enable reports on the receipt and reading of your sms messages, messages in whatsApp and facebook messenger.

Received and read reports for text messages and MMS

To find out that the sms message has reached the addressee, turn on the delivery report. Go to messages and open the application settings (menu in the upper right corner).

SMS settings

We need to find and enable the option under “Notifications” -> “Delivery report”. You can turn on the sound when the message is delivered.

Delivery report

To find out that your MMS message has been received and read (after all, it is sent via the Internet and you need to download it first to read it), here we go to Advanced settings -> MMS read report. By the way, in order not to download an incoming MMS every time, enable the autoload option.

Read report

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How do I know if a message has been read on WhatsApp?

By default, this feature is already activated in WhatsApp. If the message has reached the addressee, one checkmark will appear next to it. If the message somehow appeared before the eyes of the recipient (it was read, read and closed in the notification panel), then a second checkmark is placed next to the message.

Message read

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How do I know if a message has been read on Viber?

After sending the message:

  • just a message – the message was sent, but not delivered to the recipient;
  • delivered – the message has been delivered to the phone;
  • read – the message has been read.

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How do I know if a message has been read in Facebook messenger?

After sending the message:

  • a tick in a white circle – the message has been sent, but has not yet arrived on the recipient's phone;
  • a checkmark in a blue circle – the message was delivered but not read;
  • the recipient's profile picture next to the message means the message has been read.

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