How do I run apps for Android without installing

Modern smartphones have long been running out of memory. Today, even frankly inexpensive models have 128 GB of internal storage and more, allowing you not to bother with deleting one file before downloading another. Despite this, personally, I do not really like to clog my smartphone with all kinds of slag, and therefore I not only try to avoid downloading APK files, archives and other data, but also install applications from Google Play with great care. But Huawei solved this problem.


Launching applications on Android is possible without installation

You've probably already heard about the QuickApps technology from Huawei, which is an analogue of the Instant Apps feature from Google, which allows you to run demo versions of applications from Google Play without downloading. With its help, you can evaluate a program or game even before installing it in order to make a final decision. This is actually very convenient. Only Huawei actually went much further than Google. Chinese developers allowed to run without downloading not cut-down versions of applications, as in Google Play, but the most complete ones.

How Quick Apps work

Quick Apps

Quick Apps is only available on smartphones Honor and Huawei

Quick Apps is only available on smartphones Huawei and Honor and is only compatible with select apps from the App Gallery. This is how it works:

  • Go to the App Gallery and open the Quick Apps section;
  • Select the application you want to launch and click 'Open';

Launch without installation

There are not many applications in the Quick Apps range

  • After that, you will be prompted to add the Quick Apps folder to your desktop – agree;
  • Now, when you need it, choose Quick Apps and launch the desired application from there.

It might be hard to believe, but the Quick Apps do launch instantly without installation. They do not need to save the cache, and from the moment you click on the icon, not even a second passes. That is, by launching 'fast applications', you will not notice any difference with the usual ones. Another thing is that now there are not so many programs that support launching without installation as I would like. However, there is also software there that I personally use quite often:

  • Cinema
  • Top news of the day
  • Hi-Tech
  • Auto
  • Pets
  • Weather
  • Sport
  • TV program
  • Health
  • Hi-chef
  • Huawei & Hi-Tech
  • All pharmacies
  • Delivery Club

How to install two identical apps

Quick Apps from Huawei

Swift apps can be used as independent clients

It's especially cool that Quick Apps work as standalone apps. That is, you can install Delivery Club from Google Play, and then launch the 'quick app' from Huawei. As a result, you will have two clients who can work independently of each other. This is very convenient if you use two accounts, for example, to take part in the promotions offered by the service twice. Considering that sometimes in this way you can get a discount up to 50% on an order, it would be foolish to refuse such an opportunity.

Obviously Huawei cannot ensure compatibility of heavy apps with Quick Apps. The key condition here is the absence of complex functions and the low weight of the program. But since the majority of such applications in the App Gallery, there is a chance that in the foreseeable future the Chinese will be able to adapt a wide range of software for instant launch. True, most likely, this Huawei will require the approval of the developers, who may not want to risk cooperation with the disgraced company.

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