How do I email a photo from my phone?

Gmail To send photos from your phone or tablet by email, a mail service must be registered on your device. In this article, I will register a gmail mail account and show you how to send photos and videos via email.

On the phone, go to Settings -> Accounts and sync -> Add Account.

Add account

I choose – Personal (IMAP). IMAP is a modern protocol for sending and receiving electronic messages. If you select the POP protocol, then all messages will be downloaded to your device and automatically deleted from the server. Those. if you lose your phone, you will lose all letters.

IMAP mail

I enter my email address.

Email address

I sign in to my Google account. If you do not have an account, click “Create an account” at the bottom, set a password and follow the simple instructions.

Create an account

Done. Google account is registered, which means that I can send my photos and videos from my personal Gmail mail to any email.

To send photos, go to the Gallery, select the files to send and click “Send” (Share).

to send a photo

In the ribbon below, select the sending method – Gmail mail (we have already registered a Google account).

Share photo via gmail

The mail client will start, files will be automatically attached to the letter. If these are voluminous videos, it will be automatically uploaded to the Google Drive cloud storage (15 GB is given for free), and the recipient will be able to download the videos by the link.

Send photo by mail

You can share your photos in other ways: whatsApp, facebook, telegram, bluetooth, google drive, Mail cloud, VKontakte and through other data transfer applications installed on your phone.

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