How do I charge my phone if the socket is broken?

Charge the phone battery Active use of a smartphone can lead to various consequences that can complicate the work with the device. One of the troubles is the failure or malfunction of the USB connector. It is this port that is responsible for charging the battery and exchanging data via cable or via OTG.

The main threat is the inability to charge the battery.

How to proceed?

There are a few things you need to know about the charging socket. The reason for the breakdown of the micro-usb connector is frequent use or improper connection to the cable. Often, getting used to one device, on the machine, a person tries to connect the cable in the same way as before. But the port itself can be set in different ways.

Charging socket

In the first case, the narrowing occurs towards the front of the smartphone, the second type assumes a directly inverted connection.

Inserting the plug in the wrong position creates unnecessary pressure on the attachment and connection points. This can lead to backlash and loose contacts.

The cable plug has special protruding clamps, which can be in the form of slightly protruding strips or hooks. This ensures a secure and tight connection.

Cable plug

No extra effort is needed to remove the charging cable. The latches can cling to the grooves and a sharp jerk can break the connector.

Since the phone is constantly with the owner, dust will inevitably get into the open parts. Grease and dirt adhering to the contacts impairs energy transfer and can make charging more difficult. Cleaning the nest will avoid this problem. You can use:

  • Toothpick. Run it gently around the perimeter of the connector.
  • Toothbrush. Brush the bristles several times inside the nest.
  • By air. You can blow into the micro-usb or use a special can of compressed air for this.
  • Alcohol. You can sprinkle an alcohol-based liquid such as eau de toilette into the port. The procedure allows you to dissolve accumulated dirt and dust.

You must act carefully and carefully in any case. There is no need to exert great effort, make sudden movements, or flood the port with solvent.

If a backlash appears at the installation site of the connector, then it can be eliminated only if it is possible to disassemble the device. In the case of a candy bar, it is better to contact a special service.

You can do the repair yourself. To do this, you will need:

  • Soldering iron with a fine tip and related materials (tin, acid, rosin).
  • New micro-usb connector. When purchasing, pay attention to the type of possible installation (A or B).

The procedure is not complicated:

  • The attachment point must be freed from the old connector or its remnants.
  • Treat the installation sites to clean the contacting elements.
  • Install a new port. All legs should be in place. Elements cannot be skipped.

Solder. It is important to ensure that the tin does not come into contact between the various contacts. This leads to malfunction and damage to the device.

Self-repair can be carried out only if it is possible to disassemble and assemble the device.

To obtain a guarantee of the further operation of the device, you should contact a specialist. The professional has the necessary tools and skills.

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How do I charge my device?

If the charging socket is broken, there are several ways to charge the battery:

  1. Universal charger – “Frog”. Charging Frog Moving contacts are displayed on the case, which are fixed on the battery terminals. The device holds the battery with a special clothespin. It is enough to plug it in and leave it for a while. Special indicators indicate battery connection, charging process and completion.
  2. Directly. Charging directly To do this, it is necessary to connect the power wires from the unit to the contact elements. The polarity must be observed for the red wire – contact +, black -. The method works, but it is necessary to control the process. Excessive voltage can damage the battery. The procedure is carried out with the device turned off.
  3. Extreme way. This is useful in case you get into an unforeseen situation, for example, if a person is lost in the forest. You need to take an iron and copper plate and stick it into the ground. Connect the battery to them with wires. Copper is a plus, iron is a minus. You will have to wait a long time, but it will allow you to get 5-10% of the charge for making an important call.

All these methods are relevant for smartphones with a collapsible case and a removable battery.

Some owners who are in an unpleasant situation have a question – is it possible to charge a smartphone through the headphone jack? The answer is unequivocal – no! This is a completely different network that does not directly connect to the battery.

Heating. Under certain conditions, you can try to heat the phone battery with a metal object. It is important to know that the metal should not be hot, 60-80 degrees is enough. The method can help restore some of the energy sufficient to make a call, but it can also permanently damage the battery.

To extend the service life of the micro-usb jack, you should carefully handle the phone and use a plug of a suitable format, clean the device from dust. Compliance with these conditions will avoid difficulties in charging the battery.

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