How do I change the name of my phone and tablet?

Change device name The name (name) of your device is always displayed on the network Bluetooth, Wi-fi and other networks. By default, the manufacturer sets the name – what is the name of your phone / tablet. For example, Xperia Z, Galaxy Y, Mi8, etc. But you can manually change the name of your smartphone through the settings.


Open Settings – About phone – Device name.

Device name

Click on the option to enter your device name. Better in English letters.

Device name

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How can I change the device name on the network Bluetooth?

Turn on Bluetooth on the phone. To do this, open the quick menu with a swipe from top to bottom across the screen and hold down the icon Bluetooth for a couple of seconds.

Icon Bluetooth

Settings Bluetooth will open. We include. In the “Device Name” field, fill in any name.

Device name Bluetooth

If the device cannot be renamed, restart it and try again.

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Video on how to rename your Android

  • Named operations Android

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