How do I add weather to the home screen on my phone?

Weather widget The corresponding widget is responsible for showing the weather on the home screen of your device. To place it on your desktop, install the weather application from the Play Market.

Install the Yandex.Weather application.

Yandex weather

We launch the application, give access to the definition of your location. Go to settings – the gear icon at the top right. We are interested in the widget settings.

Widget settings

As you can see, there are 2 widgets to choose from: on the home screen and in the notification panel. We choose the option that suits you.

The widget on the desktop is simply huge and takes up 4 × 4 space – almost the entire desktop, which is not always convenient.

Yandex weather widget

I'd rather make a widget in the notification bar, and put Google search and time on the desktop. Go to the settings of the Yandex.Weather application – Widget settings – On the notification panel.

Widget settings

Here we customize the appearance and see what happened.

Weather widget

Alternatively, you can use other weather apps that have their own more compact widgets:

  • Gismeteo,
  • AccuWeather,
  • WOW,
  • The Weather Channel,
  • Weather Wiz.

Share in the comments which weather widget you are using.

Weather widgets video

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