Headphone jack problems

Headphone jack Devices capable of playing media files, streaming music, making calls and more, are equipped with a 3.5 mm jack for connecting a headset or headphones. Smartphones or tablets are no exception. Rare models of modern devices do not have a 3.5 jack.

Over time, it may become difficult to use the headphones on the device.


The smartphone does not see the connected headset / headphones:

  • The problem may occur due to the installed application. The store offers a variety of programs for playing music and watching videos. Not all applications are compatible with a specific software model, some have a bug in the code or contain malicious files. In this case, removing the application, cleaning with an antivirus can help. If after eliminating the program the problem is not resolved, then you should reset the application settings or return the device to factory settings.
  • Clogged connector. The socket contains a series of contacts that provide signal transmission. During operation of the device, moisture and dirt may penetrate inside, which disrupt the conductivity. You should clean the connector from the penetrated debris.
  • Failure of the headset. To check, you need to connect the headphones to another device that has a 3.5 mm jack. If no sound is coming to the speakers, then the headphones should be replaced.
  • Broken connector. When the plug is inserted into the socket, the contacts open and the external speaker stops receiving the sound signal. Excessive physical impact can disrupt the state of the sensitive elements. In this case, only replacement will help.
  • Contact mismatch. Some smartphone manufacturers swap the poles, which is why only native original headphones can be connected to the device.

When the headset is disconnected, the device remains in pairing mode:

  • Clogging. The ingress of large amounts of debris can cause it to condense inside and interfere with the normal operation of the device.
  • Failure of the connector. As mentioned above, there are special contacts in the case, which can be damaged. Only installing a new socket can solve the problem.

Sound does not pass or passes very weakly:

  • This issue occurs when using a headset made for a specific device model or an unknown make. The sensitivity of the connector may be less than necessary, the difference in the diameter or the length of the plug. The headset should be replaced here.

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Cleaning the headphone jack

Cleaning the headphone jack

There are several ways to remove debris from the headphone jack:

  • Cotton wool dipped in alcohol. A small piece of cotton wool should be wrapped around a toothpick and moistened with cologne or similar liquid containing alcohol. Slide into the connector and make several rotational movements. Repeat the procedure until the removed cotton wool is absolutely clean.
  • Cotton pad. The plate should be divided lengthwise into several layers so that a very thin element remains, which must be moistened with an alcohol-containing substance. After that, a layer of cotton wool is wrapped around the headphone plug and inserted into the socket. This procedure allows for maximum adherence to the contacts.
  • Toothpick. Use the sharp end of a wooden stick to remove lint, hair, and other objects from the connector. Operate with minimal effort so as not to damage the elements located inside.
  • Purge. You can let air into the nest from a can or blow. This allows small debris to be removed. The danger is that dust can get deep into the connector.

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Connector repair

You can replace the connector yourself only if you have the right equipment and parts:

  • Soldering iron.
  • Tin.
  • Rosin.
  • Connector.

Access to the insides of the smartphone is also required. If it is not possible to disassemble the case, then you need to contact a specialist.

The first step is to water the old nest. The tip of the soldering iron should be thin enough not to touch other contacts. To solve this problem, you can use a piece of copper wire wrapped around a tip.

Soldering iron and copper wire

With a heated soldering iron, melt the tin on the contacts of the old socket and remove it.

We take out the headphone jack

Treat new contacts with acid / rosin. Replace and tin-solder to the board.

It is important that the metal does not close the contacts! All work on cleaning or repairing the device should be carried out with the device turned off.

If the headphone jack does not work, you can use a wireless headset Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can use the OTG function. It is necessary to connect a cable to the socket of which you can connect a regular USB sound adapter (sound card).

OTG cable

This simple method allows you to use headphones for high quality music listening.

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