Greedy beef: Samsung, like Apple, may abandon bundled charging

I didn't just start the title of this article with the words “greedy beef”. At the end we will return to this adage, but in general I would like to talk about Samsung. You may have already heard that she, like Apple, can refuse the charger bundled with the smartphone. But what's the point? Can this really give the company something? Will she spend less or, conversely, earn more? Or is there some other hidden meaning in this, like that people, having fattened up during a pandemic, once again run to the store? There are more questions than answers, but since the information has appeared, let's understand it.

Greedy beef: Samsung, like Apple, may abandon bundled charging

These two manufacturers may soon be left without complete charging.

Phone without charging included

Recently, more and more people say that Apple will stop putting power adapters in the kit with their smartphones. Rumors have already become so active that it is simply impossible not to listen to them. If you believe them, then complete with iPhone 12 will be only a cable and … that's it. There will be no headphones, no power adapter, no adapter.

Now, information has surfaced that Samsung may go the same route and cancel the mighty kit it had. I remember filming a review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and I got tired of getting the contents out of the box, but it didn't end there. There were even two adapters. Now this will not happen.

True, this is not yet certain, but insiders say that the company is likely to take this step. This may happen early next year, when a new generation of the Galaxy S line will be released.

Greedy beef: Samsung, like Apple, may abandon bundled charging

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphones have always been among the coolest. Why should they get worse?

Apparently, this measure will be aimed at reducing the company's costs and increasing profits. According to the latest report, the company has already gained in this component and showed an increase in profits against the background of a decrease in revenue. Further steps in this direction are logical, but it is necessary to act somehow more gently or something.

Samsung has decided to abandon a rich set of smartphones

According to insiders, Samsung allegedly made this decision, given how long smartphone charging technology has remained the same. According to her calculations, nothing has changed for 10 years. The company also took into account the significant cost increases associated with installing hardware 5G inside smartphones.

Perhaps this fate will affect not only the smartphones of the Korean company, but also other devices, which still have a more or less rich package. Much worse is the fact that such an approach can be adopted by other manufacturers according to the principle “they can – so we can.”

If we try to justify the actions of the company, we can say that this makes some sense, if we consider that due to unification, almost all users at home now have adapters and cables. That is, they will find something to charge. True, nobody cares that I don't want to give up charging something else to free up the charger for a new $ 1,000 smartphone.

Greedy beef: Samsung, like Apple, may abandon bundled charging

This smartphone will most likely cost about one and a half thousand dollars. Can you imagine it without charging? Me not.

Of course, we will cope and there will be nothing fatal in such a refusal. That's just why such measures are needed, if you can do without them, and just continue to put the minimum set of essentials in the kit.

It will be unpleasant when companies develop new types of charging and achieve higher speeds, and we will use smartphones that can charge quickly, but with old adapters. Qualcomm, for example, is preparing a 100-watt charger. Its support will appear and we will still need an adapter. It turns out that the old weak adapter can simply neutralize what the smartphones really differ among themselves – the charging speed. It turns out that when something new comes out, we will go buy a new adapter. What else to do?

Why manufacturers are shrinking a set of phones

Now let's try to understand the benefits of such a decision. For money, everything is clear, but are there any other reasons.

I could not find the exact cost of manufacturing each power adapter, but I can assume that it costs at least $ 3-5 (I'm talking about original accessories). The company sells about a quarter of a billion smartphones annually. By eliminating the adapter alone, you can save about a billion dollars a year. How many more people will go to buy the adapter separately and bring the company money for it? The amount is impressive.

The savings will be in the cost of transportation, because if you take the adapter out of the box, it can be made two times thinner, which means that twice as many of them will fit into a container or truck. The warehouse can also be reduced by half, which is a big savings.

Greedy beef: Samsung, like Apple, may abandon bundled charging

Ecology is important! If for her, then approx. Only now it seems to me that they think little about ecology when they refuse to charge.

From an environmental perspective, reducing the need to ship charging adapters would mean less pollution and less material resources. As small as this reduction, any reduction can have a significant impact when shipments are in the hundreds of millions.

Why am I unhappy with the rejection of the complete charging

After the release of some of our articles, in the comments or in the Telegram chat, one could read criticism regarding the fact that we hate too much Android and what is connected with it. Well, how not to hate after this? When they come up with a new function or a beautiful design, then there is honor and praise, but when “saving on matches” begins, there is nothing to praise for.

Many people already have USB sockets, wireless chargers and Power Banks at home, but there are things that cannot be abandoned. This also applies to Apple, although they have long taught the world that they even have to buy “snow in winter” for $ 19.90.

And now, at the end, let's slightly lower the degree of negativity and remember how in your region or city they said the continuation of the saying about “greedy beef”. We have authors and specialists from different cities of Russia and abroad working in our editorial office, and we discussed for a long time who had continued this adage. Your opinion is interesting. If there is no correct answer, write in the comments.

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