Google unveils cool effects for photos and selfies

Now, when almost everyone is forced to stay at home and look for something to entertain themselves, streaming services have become extremely popular. But after all, not everyone can watch the next film or TV series all day long, especially since really worthwhile pictures are frankly rarely released. So Google decided it would entertain users in its own way. To do this, she first launched the ability to view three-dimensional animal models in augmented reality, which turned out to be a real trend. And now the company invited everyone to try to turn their photographs into a real work of art.

Google unveils cool effects for photos and selfies

Looking for cool effects for your photos? Then to you at Art & Culture

This is done by the Art & Culture application. Google introduced it for a few more years, and initially it allowed users to view paintings by famous artists in augmented reality, just like 3D animal figures. I personally tried it and was happy with the implementation. The application ran life-size canvases and made it possible to see each stroke.

Google unveils cool effects for photos and selfies

This is Van Gogh's Starry Night. You can see the painting even better in the Art & Culture app than in a museum

I even remember that I was able to appreciate the painting by Wang Gogh 'Starry Night' in its pristine beauty, appreciating the smallest details, because I had the opportunity to approach the work as close as they would not be allowed in any museum. But in general, apparently, the application was not very successful for users, and therefore Google decided to slightly change its orientation and repurpose it for entertainment that will come in handy today.

Photo effects for android

The latest Art & Culture update adds support for the Art Transfer feature. It's sort of like a filter pack based on works by famous artists like Munch, Van Gogh, Warhol and others, which are then superimposed on a photo taken by the user. It doesn't matter what will be captured in the photo – a single or group selfie, architecture, nature, animals. You can even try photographing a white table or wall and then apply a painting effect to it and see what happens.

The Art Transfer feature is powered by artificial intelligence. He analyzes what is shown in the photograph, and then intelligently applies the effect of the selected painting to it. Smart overlay, unlike stupid one, does not just sculpt one image on top of another, but takes into account many features of the image – from the location of objects and the prevailing color range to the sizes and boundaries of those depicted in the photo, so that nothing sticks out. This is especially true if the painting effect is applied to a selfie and only the person's face needs to be painted.

How to overlay a painting on a photo on android

  • To take a photo with a painting effect, go to the Art & Culture home page and click on the camera icon;

Google unveils cool effects for photos and selfies Google unveils cool effects for photos and selfies

  • Activate the Art Transfer function and take a photo;
  • Select a picture from the list, the effect of which you want to apply to the photo;

Google unveils cool effects for photos and selfies Google unveils cool effects for photos and selfies

  • If necessary, you can independently select the part of the picture to which the effect will be applied.

Be prepared for the fact that if you had the application before, after updating it may stop running and will crash. In my case, this is exactly what happened. But, perhaps, the whole point is that I have a Honor View 30 Pro, which is under sanctions and is not allowed to use Google applications and services. Most other smartphones of the brand (with Google services) do not have this problem.

At the moment, users have access to effects in the style of 23 paintings, but Google plans to expand the range and add many new ones to the list of supported images. It is curious that the application allows you to take not only a static photo, but also turn it into a GIF animation. In this way, you can clearly demonstrate how the camera effect is applied. As a result, the picture can be shared on social networks – for example, at Instagram – or simply saved to your gallery as a souvenir.

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