Google makes panoramas in Google Maps even better and more convenient

Augmented reality is a technology that is hard to underestimate. Despite the fact that many companies like Apple try to force it, almost no one could get at least some benefit from it. The only one who succeeded, and even then with a stretch, was Google. The search giant managed to integrate augmented reality into Google Maps and create a new visual navigation mode based on them, when maps lay a virtual path for the user, showing him the direction of movement. But this is not enough for real convenience, and Google decided to do something better.

Google makes panoramas in Google Maps even better and more convenient

Google continues to improve Google Maps

Right now, Google is testing a new add-on for Google Maps, which builds on Street View, which, for greater convenience, has a function of overlaying markers indicating the types of establishments captured in panoramas. That is, there may not even be a sign above the door of the building that you see in front of you (by the way, this is a very common practice abroad, when the owners of small restaurants deliberately remove signs to narrow the circle of visitors), but thanks to the marker you will understand that this is shop, cafe, hairdresser, depending on where it leads.

Google Maps update

Google makes panoramas in Google Maps even better and more convenient

Panoramas in Google Maps got a new convenient feature

Despite the seeming simplicity of the idea, for its implementation Google had to shovel a colossal array of data in order to compare cartographic and graphic information. To do this, the company used the same technique that it used in AR navigation mode. Then Google engineers designed a special neural network, which they trained to identify visible buildings, then check them against the address, get information about which establishments are located here, and display the corresponding data on the screen.

In fact, Google Maps does not just show the object, but really understands what is in front of it. Therefore, the cards do not matter from which side you look at the establishment – they will correctly determine its type in any case. True, from the point of view of data analysis, the new mode is still simpler than AR navigation. After all, here the user looks at buildings exclusively through panoramas and can only move within predetermined limits, in contrast to the AR navigation mode, when the user is in front of the object live and can walk around it from all angles as he wishes.

Augmented reality in Google Maps

Google makes panoramas in Google Maps even better and more convenient

Google Maps still has room for improvement, but is Google ready for this?

It is obvious that Google does not plan to stop there, because it is unlikely that it will be possible to do with just markers of the types of establishments. It would be great if Google Maps could learn to display a map of each establishment on the screen when you point the camera lens at it or in Street View. The card could include information about the opening hours, delivery phone number and maybe even a menu. That would be super convenient. After all, it would be much more comfortable to navigate the prices of the dishes offered in a cafe or restaurant even before you enter there and sit down at a table.

True, processing such an array of data would lead to a strong increase in power consumption. If you remember, the AR navigation mode turned out to be so gluttonous that Google, so that its use did not hit the autonomy of devices too much, had to limit its duration to 10 minutes. Obviously, the lack of proper optimization, with which Android – smartphones has always been frankly so-so, has affected. But there are no limits to perfection, which means that Google cannot stop at what has been achieved either.

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