Google is shutting down Google Play Music. How to Transfer Music to YouTube Music

Google is one of those companies that isn't afraid to shut down unsuccessful products. Therefore, at some point, enthusiasts even created a virtual Google cemetery, where a list of all the deceased developments of the search giant is posted, which either lost support or, in principle, closed. However, even Google has such projects, the closure of which seems impossible in principle, due to their high importance. That is, it is difficult for us to imagine that the company will take and close the Google Play app store like this. But, apparently, the Google Play Music service, which is part of the catalog, is not included in the list of backbone products.

Google is shutting down Google Play Music.  How to Transfer Music to YouTube Music

Google is moving its users from Play Music to YouTube Music

Google has announced that it intends to shut down the music streaming service Google Play Music. The company did not specify a closing date, but made it clear that it will not happen overnight. All users who are currently subscribed to Google Play Music will be given the opportunity to switch to YouTube Music as its successor service. To do this, you do not have to re-register your account, but it will be enough to simply transfer the entire music library that has accumulated during the use of the original platform.

How to Transfer Music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

There are several ways to transfer music from Google Play to YouTube Music.

The first is to download the YouTube Music app, log in with your Google account and click on the 'Transfer to YouTube Music' button. It is important to understand that it will only appear if you are authorized using the same Google account. Otherwise, the service will not be able to perform mutual synchronization and exchange musical compositions that you have listened to and added to your favorites earlier.

The second way is to go to the music transfer page, which is located at this link, and confirm the transfer. True, at the time of publication in Russia, neither the first nor the second methods work. This is probably due to the fact that Google plans to make the transition between platforms gradually, since this is a very responsible process, which is fraught with many difficulties – from the loss of user libraries to the banal lack of the necessary compositions on the new site.

Why you need a paid YouTube subscription

Google is shutting down Google Play Music.  How to Transfer Music to YouTube Music

YouTube Music is free to listen to. But money is more convenient

Unlike Google Play Music, YouTube Music offers users the option of free access. No, of course, the premium plan comes with a monthly fee, however, if you are not ready to spend money on audio content, you will have a chance to continue to follow your principles further, albeit with a few caveats:

  • Playback will be interrupted by commercials;
  • The inability to listen to music without an Internet connection;
  • Lack of background mode, which allows you to close the application and lock the smartphone without interrupting playback.

How to get a student YouTube Music subscription

Google is shutting down Google Play Music.  How to Transfer Music to YouTube Music

Student subscription to YouTube Music costs only 95 rubles

There are not so many conditions, but for many, the absence of a background mode can be a decisive factor in favor of a paid subscription. Moreover, it does not cost so much – only 169 rubles per month per user or 269 rubles per month – for 6 users. And if you are also a student, the subscription will be even cheaper for you – 95 rubles per month. True, this status will need to be confirmed by clicking on this link and filling out a special form. After that, your data will be checked and either approved or refused your preferential subscription.

In fact, this is not the only way to save money. If you not only listen to music, but also watch videos on the main YouTube site, you may like the idea of ​​buying a subscription for 199 rubles a month. It gives you access to both YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. As part of this subscription, you will not see ads, you will get access to watching videos in the background, as well as the ability to download your favorite videos for offline viewing. Moreover, the difference in price will be only 30 rubles per month.

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