Google has launched a new service for Android. It measures the distance to others

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to adopt a new operating model. Some have come to understand that it is not necessary to force employees to go to the office if you can work from home, others were forced to change priorities and switch from developing some products to others that are easier to develop remotely, and still others began to release tools that can help people one by one. experience a new reality. For example, Apple taught Face ID to identify a mask and immediately switch to the password entry screen, and also introduced a system for tracking coronavirus patients. But Google is not lagging behind either.

Google has launched a new service for Android.  It measures the distance to others

Maintaining social distance is very important. Your smartphone will help you with this.

Google has unveiled a new AR tool, Sodar, to help maintain social distance between you and the people around you. The development uses a smartphone camera, augmented reality and calculates the distance from the person closest to you. Thus, Google reacted to the gradual lifting of the self-isolation regime in many countries of the world, wanting to save people who began to leave their homes and go out in droves from becoming infected with the coronavirus.

Google Augmented Reality

Sodar is a regular website that, however, can only be run on a compatible Android – smartphone and only from the Chrome browser. Compatibility refers to support for a tool such as Google Play Services for AR. This is a system component that is guaranteed to be available to owners of all new devices. However, in order to make sure that augmented reality is working for sure, it is recommended to either check the list of compatible devices on the Google website or perform a practical test yourself.

Social distancing markup

  • To do this, follow this link to the Sodar website from your smartphone;

Google has launched a new service for Android.  It measures the distance to others

Sodar is Google's new social distancing tool

  • Click on the Launch button on the main page of the site;
  • Accept the user agreement and give the site the necessary privileges;

Google has launched a new service for Android.  It measures the distance to others

Point your smartphone camera at the ground and augmented reality will outline a circle of safety. Just like Gogol

  • Point the smartphone camera at the floor or ground to take measurements.

According to the rules of social distancing, the distance between people should be at least two meters. When you point the camera at the ground, augmented reality will draw a circle of the corresponding diameter around you. This will allow you to track if someone has entered your security area and, if necessary, take steps to restore your personal boundaries. It will be easier and safer to move away from the offender on your own than to enter into an altercation with him and demand to leave you, provoking a person into conflict.

Coronavirus in Russia and the world

Google has launched a new service for Android.  It measures the distance to others

You still need to go out with caution, because the coronavirus has not gone anywhere

Keep in mind that the diameter of the circle that Sodar draws can be a few centimeters slightly less or more than the prescribed two meters. The fact is that augmented reality is not yet accurate enough to make measurements without any error at all. Therefore, if it occurs to you to measure the real distance and the result does not coincide with the declared one, do not take it too personally. In the end, a couple of centimeters will not solve anything, and in Russia, not 2, but 1.5 meters are considered a safe distance.

Well, in general, it should be remembered that the most reliable way not to become infected with a coronavirus infection is, if possible, to be at home and not leave it. Despite the fact that in many countries the authorities have announced a gradual exit from the self-isolation regime, it is impossible to cancel the pandemic by the decision of the legislature. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of infected, of which 8-9 thousand people are added daily in Russia, which means that you may be at risk if you do not observe self-isolation and proper precautions.

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