Google asked everyone to install the latest Chrome update

Google's temporary refusal to update Chrome, which it announced in March, simply could not pass without leaving a trace for the company, users, and the browser itself. As it turned out, the forced timeout taken by the search giant due to the coronavirus ultimately led to the fact that a number of vulnerabilities that needed to be fixed remained in the browser, and attackers received additional opportunities to hack and intercept confidential data. Fortunately, Google woke up in time and released a must-install update for all users.

Google asked everyone to install the latest Chrome update

Chrome received its second update in a week

Despite the fact that the previous Chrome update was released just a week ago, Google developers suddenly found out that the browser contains a zero-day vulnerability that needs to be urgently fixed. Its danger lies in the fact that the attacker can perform all manipulations remotely, and the user is not required to take any active actions at all, such as downloading a malicious component or distributing system privileges. Therefore, Google has released an emergency update for Chrome 81.0.4044.113, which is already being distributed to all users of the desktop version of the browser, regardless of country of residence.

Do I need to update Google Chrome

Google asked everyone to install the latest Chrome update

Don't ignore Chrome updates, they are released for a reason

Google did not particularly talk about the vulnerability, preferring to hide its features and the consequences that its exploitation could lead to. But this is understandable, because it is unlikely that all users, without exception, will install the update with the fix right away. This means that attackers who understand the features of the flaw will have the opportunity to launch attacks on those who have neglected the latest update. As a result, the harm from disclosing vulnerability information will certainly be greater than the benefit.

Chrome update 81.0.4044.113 will be available to everyone in the coming days or weeks. Its installation should happen automatically, but just in case, it is recommended to check if everything went well manually, '' Sophos Lab quotes Google as saying.

As a rule, all updates for Chrome are distributed automatically and do not require active user action. That is, the installation of updates is done in the background without the need to obtain special permissions. However, sometimes it happens that an update becomes available, but for some reason cannot start the installation. Therefore, to make sure that the browser does not need your help, you need to launch Chrome, go to the context menu and see if there is a notification about the availability of the next update. If there is, click on it and it will install automatically.

When is the Chrome update coming out?

Google asked everyone to install the latest Chrome update

Google will miss at least one functional update to Chrome

However, the vulnerability in question is not the only negative consequence of the spread of the coronavirus and the forced freeze of the release of fresh updates. According to the confirmed information, Google will not release Chrome 82 at all, whose release was planned closer to the summer. This was supposed to be one of the most iconic browser updates in recent years, as it was supposed to include support for advanced TLS data encryption protocols, and now their launch will be postponed indefinitely.

The next Chrome update to be released by Google will be Chrome 83. The company did not disclose when the update will be launched, but even if it does arrive on time, the release will take place closer to July. True, it is not very clear whether the next update will contain the innovations that were planned for Chrome 82. In the end, Google froze the development of updates for a reason, and if its developers were able to implement new features, then it would be canceled releasing it would not make any practical sense.

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