Getting root on ZTE Blade

ZTE's Blade series smartphones have rapidly won the love of connoisseurs of multifunctional devices based on the operating system Android. And this fact is not surprising, since functionally the devices are not inferior to the top counterparts of the promoted world brands, and in terms of prices, they are more than affordable. It should be noted that many users of modern gadgets want to exploit the full potential of their device, therefore, they want to get root rights to Android on ZTEBlade.

Getting root on ZTE Blade

What is rooting

Android is inherently a versatile and practical operating system. It is easily adaptable to any requirement, but system changes are not available to the average user. By default, the device comes out of the box with the rights of an ordinary user. That is, as the owner of any version of ZTEBlade, you can change the interface, install software and perform other standard operations that can not harm the system.

Rooting is a process aimed at obtaining administrator rights, allowing you to use the gadget to the fullest.

With these rights, you can free up space on your smartphone by removing unnecessary system files and programs, optimize services by stopping those that previously overloaded the device, get rid of ads, etc.

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How to get superuser rights

At the moment, faced with the need to root a smartphone or tablet, even an ordinary user Android – devices are able to independently carry out all the necessary manipulations. To do this, it is enough to acquire detailed instructions. And further, your attention will be offered three universal ways to obtain the superuser rights of the ZTE Blade, regardless of the modification of the device.

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Using CWM Recovery and SuperSU

This method is the most rational choice for an experienced user, since, unlike the so-called one-click programs, it really provides absolute access to the device. At the same time, if you decide to use this rooting option, be prepared to spend a little time, since root rights to Android on ZTE will require additional manipulations, including downloading archives.

So, to get superuser access via CWM, you need:

  1. Install the latest version of CWM Recovery using ROM Manager and download the SuperSU archive from the official website directly to the device (preferably to an SD card).
  2. Go to Recovery on your device and click 'Install zip'.
  3. In the folder that opens, select 'Сhoose zip from / sdcard', specifying the path to the downloaded SuperSU archive.
  4. Select the archive and agree to unpack it.
  5. Wait for the end of the rooting process and the message 'Install from sd card complete'.
  6. Return to the main Recovery menu and click on 'Reboot system now'. The gadget will reboot with root rights.

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Using the Kingo program Android Root

The second option, which we will consider, involves the use of special Kingo software Android Root. You can download it on the official website. Next, you need to run the APK file on the device, agreeing to all the conditions. The program is quite simple to use. It is enough to follow the instructions:

  1. Launch the program on your smartphone and click in the window that opens on the blue bar labeled One Click Root (as soon as the process starts, the device may reboot several times).
    Running the program
  2. Wait for the process to finish. Upon successful completion, you will receive a corresponding message. Successful completion message

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Rooting with Towelroot

Another option is to use the one-click Towelroot app. You won't be able to download it on Google Play, but from the official website – with ease, in just a couple of taps on the screen. Then everything is done according to the standard scheme:

  1. Launch Towelroot and click on the 'Make it ra1n' button. Towelroot launch
  2. You are waiting for the end of the process and the corresponding message.
  3. Reboot your device and get the most out of your smartphone.

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Removing root rights

Often, after obtaining superuser rights, owners of gadgets based on the OS Android want to get rid of the resulting variety of possibilities. The reason for this may be the vulnerability of the smartphone to virus attacks, freezes and various system problems that arose after gaining root access.

Regardless of what problem you personally encountered, you should know that you can disable root rights on Android in a matter of minutes without special applications. When rooting, the SuperSU administrator application and SU binaries are installed on the device. You just need to delete them. You can use ES Explorer for this. The SU files are located in the / system / xbin / and / system / bin directories, and the Superuser.apk installation file can be found in the / system / app / section.

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ZTE Blade A5 Pro. Getting root rights: Video

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