Gesture control, or borderless screen

Gesture Control Xiaomi With the update of the software shell MIUI on smartphones Xiaomi to version 9.5, a new menu item “Borderless Screen” appeared in the settings, which adds gesture control on the phone.

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Let's go to Settings> Full Screen.

Borderless screen

There are 2 control methods to choose from: navigation buttons (picture on the left) or gestures (right). If everything is clear with the navigation buttons (last, home, back), then you need to get to know the gestures better.

Let's find out what gestures can be used to navigate? Those. gestures in this case will completely replace the 3 control buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Return to desktop: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Return to Desktop
  2. Open Recent Apps: Swipe up and hold your finger. Discovery of recent
  3. Return: swipe right from the edge of the screen (go swipe left from the edge). Return gesture
  4. Application menu: Swipe right from the edge of the screen at the top. Application menu
  5. Previous app: Swipe left or right from the edge of the screen and hold your finger. Previous app

Choosing to use full-screen gestures will take you through the tutorial – only then will the gestures be active. If you have forgotten any gestures, there is a visual demonstration and re-training in the menu below.

Additionally, 3 options are available here:

  • Protection against erroneous gestures. Often when playing games or watching videos, you make gesture-like movements. When this option is enabled, the gestures will need to be repeated twice for them to work.
  • The previous application is an additional gesture activation.
  • Full screen mode – which applications can use full screen mode to work. You can customize each application individually if it is compatible with this feature.

Customizing gestures

Results. On a smartphone, you can use 2 methods of navigation: with buttons and without them using gestures. Which method is more convenient, you choose.

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