Found the perfect music in quarantine: perfect for work and play

Quarantine is the time to clean up your apartment, learn something new with the help of online courses, or work remotely, if the work, of course, allows. All this is much more pleasant to do with suitable music: I've been at home for two weeks now, and during this time I probably managed to listen to all my favorite albums and smart selections from music services. So it's more pleasant to work, and to cook dinner. Therefore, I noticed that I recently began to actively search for new playlists, and decided to share with you the three most interesting ones.

Found the perfect music in quarantine: perfect for work and play

If you need to stay at home, it's more pleasant to do it with music.

Music for work or leisure at home

Found the perfect music in quarantine: perfect for work and play

The cover clearly hints at what this playlist is for

When I was working in the office, we constantly listened to selections of pop music or rock from the 90s, but the home environment changed our preferences dramatically. It was replaced by calm music, which allows you to escape from the madness that is now happening in the world, and to work productively or just relax at home. The 'Home Chill' playlist is a must have for all freelancers and those who are just isolated in their home or fortress.

No, this is not a boring collection of classical music. В данном плейлисте собрана музыка самых разных жанров — от альтернативного R&B в виде трека After Hours от The Weeknd из одноименного альбома до композиций Ludovico Einaudi (автора одной из самых известных мелодий к фильму '1+1'). Not without Hozier's sensual vocals, melancholic tunes from Lana Del Rey and experiments with instruments from Ólafur Arnalds. All these tracks are united by the fact that they allow you to immerse yourself in your thoughts, cheer up and understand that everything is fine. What you need for homework or leisure.

Play the 'Home Chill' playlist

Music for the evening

Found the perfect music in quarantine: perfect for work and play

A little jazz never hurts

In the late afternoon, I prefer to change songs from The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey and other performers to light and unobtrusive jazz tracks that will go with any homework. In my case, this is either work that does not require serious concentration, or pleasant communication with relatives who are also on self-isolation. And sometimes you can read an interesting book – the music from the playlist 'Jazzolation' (what a telling name, however) allows you to do all this.

This playlist features both jazz classics like Feeling Good by Nina Simone, and slightly more modern tracks like 'S Wonderful by Diana Krall. And these are just some of the 31 songs on this playlist. During the quarantine, music is constantly playing in my apartment, and jazz tracks are very well suited for both relaxation and small work. More often I turn them on in the evenings during dinner (and if I still light candles, it's generally super).

Play the 'Jazzolation' playlist

Music for meditation and relaxation

Found the perfect music in quarantine: perfect for work and play

Meditation may not be boring

Closer to sleep, I play another playlist – 'Meditation with Deutsche Grammophon'. Found it a week ago. No, meditation does not necessarily involve a lotus position or lying motionless on the floor for 8 hours. It's enough for me to start the timer on my phone for 20 minutes, close my eyes and turn on this playlist. All tracks from it are very calm and measured, but not boring.

Each composition has its own soul and reveals the vision of its creator. You involuntarily begin to consider music as a universal language capable of uniting people. And although some of the plays of the same Jupe Beving are distinguished by notes of melancholy, they still seem to be created in order to inspire and bring together. At the same time, there are many performers in this playlist, and everyone has a different approach to music.

Sometimes listening to such pleasant, relaxing music is not only necessary, but also useful. I've literally recharged myself either for productive work or for restful sleep. It helps a lot, try it.

Listen to the 'Meditation with Deutsche Grammophon' playlist

Surely during the time of self-isolation, you are also tired of the monotony in the musical accompaniment of the working day, so try these playlists. It helped me to discover many new performers, whose tracks I had not listened to before, but now they played with new colors. Links to playlists left above – try it!

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