Why Samsung won't release Android 10 for the Galaxy S8

Users Android are avid optimists. Despite the fact that even Google does not oblige manufacturers to support their smartphones for more than two years, which they regularly use, some continue to believe that their device will fall into the list of exceptions and receive an update even in the third year of its existence. But if the owners of Chinese smartphones usually reasonably assess their prospects, then users of devices of the so-called A-brands, most often, until the last moment, hope to receive an update that is not allowed for them. For example, the owners of the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Why Samsung won't release Android 10 for the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 will not receive Android 10. Accept already

Despite the fact that this year the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 turned three years old, which means that Android 10 did not shine for them, their owners for a long time expected to be among the exceptions. In part, this was facilitated by Samsung itself, by distributing through technical support information about plans to update these devices to the current version of the OS. Users were finally convinced of the truth of these words when screenshots from the Geekbench database appeared on the Web, indicating that the Koreans are indeed testing Android 10 for the Galaxy S8. But it was not there.

Will Galaxy S8 update to Android 10

Why Samsung won't release Android 10 for the Galaxy S8

If the smartphone has already received two versions Android, you can not count on the third

As SamMobile found out, the message of Samsung technical support staff about plans to update the flagships three years ago was a common misunderstanding. Despite the fact that these devices, although they feel great against the background of even modern devices from the middle price segment, are still quite old. In addition, two-year support has already become an established norm and hardly anyone will dare to break it, because sales of new devices will depend on it.

It is simply not profitable for manufacturers to maintain their smartphones for too long, because this will give users another reason to stay on the old model, instead of buying a new one. These are users of budget smartphones who do not adhere to any strict rules, updating either annually or every 3-4 years, and the owners of flagships, as practice shows, most often adhere to a two-year cycle of use, acquiring a new model after it expires.

Update for Galaxy S8

Yes, Samsung did test Android 10 for the Galaxy S8, but this is completely non-binding. Firstly, she tested and Android 9 for the Galaxy S7, and, secondly, not everything that happens in the company's laboratory must necessarily be implemented. In the end, maybe the Koreans really considered the possibility of releasing Android 10 for the 'eight', but during the tests they realized that the hardware filling of the smartphone is not efficient enough to ensure the stable operation of the operating system.

If you are using a Galaxy S8 and sincerely hoped to receive an update, I think you have no reason to be upset. After all, you need to look for positive moments in everything. For example, unlike the owners iPhone, who, having lost support, are very limited in the choice of software in the App Store, you can continue to use all applications from Google Play. Oddly enough, but Google does not force developers to abandon support for old versions Android, continuing to supply users of even old devices with the widest range of software for both the third and fifth year of life.

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