Best foldable smartphones 2020. Did you know there are at least 6 of them?

Many of you might think that there are only one or two foldable smartphones in the world. I'm not talking about the monsters from LG, which are more like two separate smartphones glued together. I mean exactly smartphones that are equipped with a foldable screen. Today, there are at least six of them and even more, but we will talk specifically about the actual devices. Of course, this is the technology of the future, which is not yet very well implemented at the consumer level, but it has chances, and the variety inspires optimism and belief that such gadgets will soon become really widespread.

Best foldable smartphones 2020. Did you know there are at least 6 of them?

So far, this is just a TCL concept smartphone, but just imagine how cool it is.

Folding smartphone manufacturers

Last year has been a year of not only the emergence but also the massive interest in foldable smartphones. Samsung, Motorola and Huawei have already unveiled their new foldable models, but others are ready to follow suit. In this article, we'll take a look at which manufacturers are the best flexing brands. Let's start with who is still the leader in this area.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the most practical foldable phone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is probably the most practical foldable phone you can buy today. The company could make a convenient, yet compact and rugged device.

It features a 6.7-inch FHD + Dynamic AMOLED display that looks much better than some of the other displays we've seen on the market so far. Samsung uses very thin and flexible glass here, and you can feel the difference compared to plastic foldable displays. Although, while it is not so big.

Best foldable smartphones 2020. Did you know there are at least 6 of them?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

On the inside, you get a Snapdragon 855+ with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage, a 3300mAh battery and Android 10. Performance is good enough for most daily needs, though clamshells aren't great for gaming.

Perhaps this set of characteristics led to the fact that at the very beginning several hundred thousand units of this smartphone were sold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold – millionaire

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will forever remain in history as the first foldable smartphone. Let this be last year's model and very soon we will see its second generation, as well as a budget version, but we simply cannot fail to say about it. Moreover, it is still on sale.

The device has two separate screens: a 4.6-inch external display with a 21: 9 aspect ratio and a 7.3-inch folding screen. The beauty of this design is that the more fragile internal display sits on the inside.

Best foldable smartphones 2020. Did you know there are at least 6 of them?

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Under the body of the device is the Snapdragon 855, which is also responsible for the performance of the Galaxy S10 +. In addition, there is 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage and power is provided by a 4,380mAh battery that is split in two due to the folding design.

Close ties and good relations with Google help the company optimize the operating system for the new type of smartphone. Even just getting a smartphone with two screens to work is no longer easy, but Samsung was also able to establish the simultaneous operation of three applications at once on a large screen. For this, the company is a separate plus.

Motorola Razr 2019 – for hipsters and latent oldfags

Motorola Even before the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z, the Flip showed an alternative vision of what a foldable smartphone could be. She took the legendary RAZR V3 as a basis. It is even possible that Samsung has copied the idea, although it is unlikely.

The smartphone is equipped with an internal display (P – OLED), which when unfolded has a diagonal of 6.1 inches. The external display has a much more modest diagonal – 2.7 inches.

Inside it runs a Snapdragon 710 with 6GB of RAM, so it's not exactly a top-end device in terms of hardware. However, the Razr brand has a lot of fans and therefore has generated so much interest from the public. The design, to be honest, was also good, but that's about it.

Best foldable smartphones 2020. Did you know there are at least 6 of them?

Motorola Razr 2019. Like the good old days.

Although the device is still officially priced at $ 1,499 in the US, it is sometimes sold for $ 999. But even this will not overshadow the failures and jambs that he had at the start of sales, when the screen broke even before you even touch it. All this negatively affected sales, but according to rumors, by the fall the company is preparing a second generation, which should become better and more reliable.

Huawei Mate Xs – “Let's break through! Reply Huawei ”

With the release of Huawei Mate X, the company showed the world that it can too. Formally, it was not the first manufacturer to showcase a foldable smartphone, but it was literally a couple of days late.

When Huawei Mate Xs appeared, already in the midst of the sanctions, the Chinese showed everyone that they [spat] these restrictions. And even if it was only a good mine with a bad game, the device was really selling well in China.

He did not find wide distribution in our country. Perhaps due to the fact that it costs 200,000 rubles and it does not have support for Google services. “No, I don't think so.”

Best foldable smartphones 2020. Did you know there are at least 6 of them?

Huawei Mate Xs

We talked about it and how I used it for several weeks and once again made sure that it is technically very cool, but Google services and the price are really important.

When fully open, the Mate Xs offers access to a large 8-inch display, and when folded it looks like a 6.6-inch smartphone. Huawei integrates all buttons, connectors and cameras in a side panel that also serves as a handle, so the smartphone can be held securely even when unfolded.

It is the external display that makes the Mate Xs much more interesting than the Galaxy Fold in terms of convenience, but this is also its Achilles heel – it scratches …

Foldable OPPO – They Can Too

In general, OPPO has recently added a lot and is not only confidently among the five world leaders in sales, shipping not much fewer devices than the recognized leaders, but also trying to become a real innovator. Well, or at least keep up with everyone. Out-of-the-box cameras, fast chargers, cool front cameras … Now foldable smartphones.

And even though there was no official announcement yet, there is no doubt that the device will appear. According to rumors, it was supposed to be announced at MWC 2020, which was canceled due to the coronavirus. Although, even before that, the company already had a working prototype of a foldable phone.

Best foldable smartphones 2020. Did you know there are at least 6 of them?

OPPO foldable phone.

After looking at the foldable Oppo, I want to ask if anyone has left Huawei. The devices of these brands are very similar to each other. At least as far as you can see thanks to some of the photos published by the manufacturer himself. Regarding the hardware components, unfortunately we have no information.

We'll have to wait a while before we can see the OPPO model in action and learn more details. The battle for the best foldable smartphone has definitely begun and the manufacturer is showing what it has to offer.

Xiaomi Mi Flex – where can we go without it

One of the newest and most innovative foldable smartphones that we could expect soon is the brainchild of the company Xiaomi. The first prototype, which the company shows in a video posted on social media, points to a concept where the display can be bent on both sides. This is interesting and allows you to make a frameless screen on the sides, but it also leads to the fact that you need two hinges and two folds, which is twice as difficult.

Instead of folding the smartphone in half like the Mate Xs, the ready-made Mi Flex (name unconfirmed) can be folded with the screen outward on the left and right sides. You better watch it on the video.

The smartphones listed in the article are not all. According to rumors, Nokia is engaged in such developments. Surely, even if it doesn't, I tried my hand at this Apple. We are also waiting for the release of Huawei Mate X 2, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with 5G, second generation Motorola Razr, and for sure something else. .

Best foldable smartphones 2020. Did you know there are at least 6 of them?

There is also such a concept from Lenovo.

While we are waiting, you just have time to express your opinion on this in our Telegram chat. Suddenly you will make some interesting prediction.

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