Galaxy Z Fold 2: Samsung showed how to make foldable smartphones

It's been over a year since Samsung unveiled the original Galaxy Fold . This device became the debut foldable smartphone for the Korean company, and therefore, as befits the first pancakes, it came out lumpy. Reviewers who received it for review identified a host of design flaws. As a result, Samsung decided to withdraw the new product and send it back for revision. The revision lasted about six months, but the output turned out to be a more or less bearable device that did not fail after two or three folds, and the protective film did not come off like a skin from a molting snake. But this year Samsung showed that it wasted no time and learned to use foldable smartphones.

Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and announced its price

The Galaxy Z Fold 2, which Samsung officially presented today at the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 conference, is literally better than its predecessor in everything. We have collected the key differences between the new item and the original, which make it a truly interesting and usable smartphone. Even though Samsung had to keep the foldable design in order to pay tribute to the once-established trend for unusual devices.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 specifications

Galaxy Z Fold 2 display

Galaxy Z Fold 2 has lost the flaws of its predecessor

  • Display: external – 6.2 ″, 60 Hz, internal – 7.6 ″, 120 Hz;
  • Processor: Snapdragon 865+;
  • Memory: 12/256 GB;
  • Camera: main – 12 + 12 + 12 Mp, front – 10 Mp;
  • Battery: 4500 mAh, charging 25W;
  • Price: 1999 dollars, or about 150 thousand rubles.

The first thing that catches your eye is the enlarged external display. If the Galaxy Fold has a rear diagonal of only 4.6 inches, then the new item is now 6.2 inches. It turns out that the diagonal has grown by more than 1.5 times.

This is the right step, given that it is the external display that is used on the go, while the internal one is used more for stationary entertainment or for work. It is convenient to watch videos, write and edit texts on it. But it's better to read a message, switch a track or quickly dictate a voice message without folding the device in half.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 display

Galaxy Fold

See how ugly the Galaxy Fold was

The internal display has grown too. Of course, not so much, but still noticeable – from 7.3 to 7.6 inches. According to Samsung, this was achieved due to two factors. Firstly, the reduction in the thickness of the frames by as much as 27%, and, secondly, thanks to the disappearance of the bulging block of cameras. In their place, there was a free area for interaction, and the front was inserted into a small island-type cutout in the style of the Galaxy Note 20.

The display itself is better protected than the Galaxy Fold. In the new generation of foldable smartphones, Samsung has used real flexible Ultra Thin Glass, thinner than a human hair. Despite this, he manages to combine a high level of flexibility with strength. True, just in case, another protective layer was nevertheless applied on top of it – apparently, so that users had less chances of injuring it.

Why Galaxy Z Fold 2 is better than Galaxy Fold

When it comes to reliability, Samsung hasn't stopped at screen protection. If you remember, the folding mechanism of the Galaxy Fold, although it was designed for about 200 thousand folds, could fail much earlier if crumbs and debris fell inside.

Foldable smartphone

Samsung has made the right foldable smartphone

Therefore, when designing the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Korean engineers provided a set of micro-brushes in the mechanism, very similar to those used in Samsung branded vacuum cleaners. They clean the insides of the mechanism with each unfolding, preventing its failure.

The mechanism itself was also slightly redesigned. Firstly, it was decided to reduce the number of parts of which it consists, secondly, to reduce the distance between them, and, thirdly, to teach him how to work in Flex Mode. It allows you to expand your smartphone similar to a laptop and, in this form, interact with comments on YouTube and at the same time watch videos, take selfies, type messages and much more.

Honestly, Samsung has turned out to be a very interesting and, most importantly, a smartphone that has been modified in all respects. The novelty has lost its frank deformities in the form of a lagging film, an influx of front cameras and other shortcomings that impede comfortable use. Now this is – forgive the pun – an ordinary unusual smartphone that you want, if not to own, then at least to use. Suddenly like it.

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