Be careful! Some OnePlus do factory reset themselves

Imagine walking home from a cool party or returning from vacation. You have a brand new OnePlus in your pocket with a cool camera and gorgeous pictures to remember the past event. Do you take it out to revisit the photos? and you understand that they are not. There are not just photos, but nothing at all, since your device has been reset to factory settings. It goes! Much like a bad dream, but for some OnePlus users, it has become a reality. But what should they do in this situation and how to save data? The most interesting thing is that the company knows about the problem, but so far cannot solve it. Well, we just have to figure out the essence of the problem and take some measures.

Oneplus nord

New OnePlus issue results in the loss of all user data.

Oneplus nord problems

As you know, all technique has what is called baby sores or teething. This is the name for errors that could not be foreseen when creating a device or mechanism, since they are too local in nature. They come out only after tens or hundreds of people in the laboratory started testing the novelty, and not even thousands in open testing, but millions after the start of sales.

This is exactly the kind of bug that some users of OnePlus Nord released last month. On the company's forums, there are at least three owners of the novelty (one, two, three) who have complained about this behavior of the smartphone. Although some publications report that this happened with other users, but there is no documentary evidence of this.

OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus smartphone is good, but like the rest, it is prone to crashes.

Naturally, spontaneous reboots that occur lead to the fact that users lose not only the settings of their device, but also all the data that was saved in it. Even synchronization may not help if the files have not yet been sent to the server, because many do it manually or only via Wi-Fi.

Why does the phone itself reset to factory settings

It is not known for certain what causes the error. So far, we can only say that the error is not associated with any specific firmware version and it does not require any action from users. He just needs to put the phone in his pocket and then “the magic happens” – he takes out the device already reset to factory settings. Some users even said that such a reset occurs more than once, and the same device can do it several times. Considering that it has been on sale for a little over a month, the situation is just scary.

Our colleagues from Android Police asked OnePlus to comment on what was happening. To this they only received the answer that fixes are in development. That is, the company not only knows that there is such a problem, but also tries to somehow fix this error.

I would like to believe that this can be done using software. If the problem is in the components of the phone, then this can lead to much more frequent resets. If this happens, then in the worst case scenario, it threatens the failure of the model and massive abandonment of it, which will be a serious blow for the company.

Should you be afraid of data loss

While it is not worth worrying that your smartphone will suffer. As with other phone errors, chances are that factory resets are limited to a few devices. However, it's safe to say that you need to take some measures and think about how to protect your data. This situation is better than ever to think about it. She says that even if you sew the phone to your hand and exclude even the theoretical chance of losing or breaking it, you are still not insured against data loss.


You just hold the phone in your hand, and it can fold.

All this once again suggests that safety standards cannot be neglected and that we must take a responsible approach to the issue of creating backups. Your messages in Telegram or e-mail are unlikely to be threatened, but photos, videos or other files will indeed be at risk.

When OnePlus releases the update

It is unknown how soon OnePlus will be able to fix the problem. Let me remind you that the update for this smartphone came out about two weeks ago, but it is impossible to say with certainty whether this influenced the occurrence of the problem. Factory discharges have been happening for several weeks now. If OnePlus is aware of the issue, an update that fixes the situation could arrive relatively soon.

Users should not panic yet and take any emergency measures like buying a new phone or even temporarily abandoning their OnePlus until the update is released. Just keep in mind that this basically happens and take measures that will allow you to save data and minimize the risks in the event that what was described above happens to you.

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