Battery capacity on the phone

Battery in the phone When purchasing a modern gadget, we want it to serve for a long time at the proper level. For autonomy of work, an important indicator is the amount of available and consumed energy in the device's battery.

What determines the operating time of the device?

The characteristics of the smartphone must contain the capacity of the battery installed in it. This indicator is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). When choosing a device, you need to focus on the specified characteristics of the battery, because this is the main element that allows a mobile device to be truly mobile. Information is available both on the battery and in the smartphone's passport.

Smartphone battery capacity

In modern models, a non-removable battery is installed, so you need to focus on the characteristics declared by the manufacturer.

The operating time of a smartphone on a single charge depends on several indicators:

  • Screen size.
  • Display manufacturing technology.
  • The brightness of the glow.
  • Use of mobile internet.
  • Launching applications.
  • Programs run in the background.
  • Use of additional gadgets connected via USB, 3.5 mm jack. or Bluetooth / Wi-Fi.

The screen is the main source of energy consumption. There are several types of screens that differ in terms of operation and power consumption. In terms of economy, Amoled displays come first, followed by TN-TFT, followed by IPS-TFT.

That is, if a smartphone is equipped with an Amoled display, then it will consume less energy during use than a TFT screen.

To find out the capacity of the installed battery in your device, you can look at the battery if the back panel is removable, or install a special program.

Let's take the CPU-Z application as an example. With its help, you can find out the characteristics of all elements of the device, just go to the necessary tab after installation.

Battery capacity

The lines reflect:

  • Battery condition.
  • The percentage of energy remaining.
  • Type of food.
  • Charging status.
  • Manufacturing technology.
  • Current temperature.
  • Voltage.
  • Capacity.

More accurate information is provided by 3C Battery Monitor. This application is designed for complete battery health monitoring.

Battery information

All information is understandable and available at any time. Using the application, you can test the capabilities of your device, adjust battery consumption.

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Determining the real battery capacity

To check the actual performance of the mobile phone battery, you need to use special tools. There are several types of USB testers on the market.

USB tester

The device is equipped with a plug and socket in the usual format. You need to connect the tester to the RAM, and insert the smartphone's power cord into its socket. The procedure for charging the phone to 100% will allow you to find out how much energy is actually stored in the battery. Before use, the device must be discharged until it is completely turned off.

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How long does the device work on one battery charge

Manufacturers declare the operating time of each model in the characteristics of the device (standby mode and talk mode). The indicator gives an idea of ​​the battery life, while the smartphone is tested without a SIM card inserted, it is not connected to networks. Talk time is indicated when connected to 2G network. Paying attention to the specified period, you need to reduce it by about a third.

On average, batteries of various capacities last for a while:

  • 2000 mAh – 12-24 hours;
  • 3000 mAh – 1-1.5 days;
  • 4000 mAh – 2-3 days;
  • 5000 mAh – 3-5 days.

Time is approximate, with moderate use of the device. If a user is actively working on the Internet, communicating on social networks, launching applications, then the operating time is reduced by 50-60%.

A lot of battery power is consumed by the camera, flash and capacious applications, games.

If you need to go on a long journey and want to save the device's charge, then you should turn off the use of the Internet, transfer geodata, rotate the screen, turn on the auto-brightness of the display. It is useful to enable power saving mode. The algorithm is designed to reduce energy consumption by 20-30%.

Paying attention to the remaining charge and the volume of the battery, you must understand that each battery has a discharge limit. The battery is not 100% depleted during device operation. A minimum residual charge is required to maintain battery performance and maintain smartphone memory.

To increase the battery life and slightly overclock the battery characteristics, you need to do a calibration. Several cycles of full discharge and charge of the battery will weaken the fuse control and increase the service life. It is worth doing 2-3 procedures to increase the autonomy of the device.

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