As on any Android enable password autocomplete from Android 11

Autofilling passwords is extremely handy. Despite the fact that initially this tool appeared on iOS, Google quickly realized that Android also needed it, and implemented it at home. True, the search giant turned out to be far from as cool as Apple, but users who did not have this, were happy. However, at some point, Google realized that it would be nice to make everything as convenient as Apple. Therefore, when creating Android 11, the developers took this aspect into account and built an auto-complete button right into the keyboard. But Android 11 does not shine for everyone.


Autocomplete passwords is now keyboard compatible

You can use third-party software to embed the auto-fill passwords button in the keyboard as in Android 11. However, it should be borne in mind that, since we are talking about passwords, the interface utility is indispensable here. For this purpose, you have to use the password manager, which, firstly, supports autofill from the keyboard, and, secondly, has a full range of security mechanisms, thanks to which outsiders will not be able to steal your authorization data and use them for their own purposes.

How to transfer passwords from Chrome

Dashlane – the password manager we'll be using – is so tightly secured that it won't let me take a single screenshot. Therefore, when setting up, you will have to focus only on the names of the items.

  • Download Dashlane from Google Play from this link;
  • Launch Dashlane and register;
  • Click on the import passwords button and select Chrome;
  • After that, open the Chrome context menu – 'Settings' – 'Passwords';

Exporting passwords

Export passwords from Chrome to Dashlane

  • Here select 'Export passwords' and confirm their transfer to Dashlane;
  • Then designate Dashlane as your primary password manager;
  • Go to any site where you have an account and try to log in in a new way.

A little clarification: installing Dashlane and making it the default manager will not disable Google Chrome's built-in password manager. Therefore, do not be surprised if, when you try to log in, the browser will be the first to prompt you to use its own autofill data. To prevent this from happening and autofill can only be activated from the keyboard, go to Chrome – context menu – 'Settings' – 'Passwords' and turn off the 'Auto sign-in' option. In this case, Chrome will no longer prompt you for login details, leaving this privilege to Dashlane.

How to enable password autocomplete

Autocomplete passwords

To make keyboard auto-complete appear immediately, turn off automatic login to Chrome

It is important to understand that Dashlane is a standalone password manager that is independent of Google. Therefore, you will now have to save all authorization data in it, if you want to continue to enjoy autofill from the keyboard. In addition, to sync logins and passwords between different devices, including your computer, you will need to install a desktop companion app. Only in this case the manager will work in conjunction regardless of the platform. Another thing is that no one will prevent you from using Google Chrome further – so to speak, in parallel.

In my opinion, autocomplete is such a handy feature that I downloaded Dashlane without hesitation and made it my primary password manager. In my case, this solved several problems at once. First, I was able to confirm authorization directly from the keyboard. And, secondly, I found a universal password manager for different platforms. It just so happened that on Android I use Google Chrome, and on Mac and iOS – Safari. Therefore, it was inconvenient to synchronize passwords between them. But Dashlane has addressed this flaw.

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