Application update error on Google play . What to do

Despite the fact that Google does not restrict users Android in downloading software from third-party sources, the search giant considers only Google Play to be an official store. Therefore, when it comes to protecting against malware, Google always recommends using only the branded directory. Due to strict quality requirements for the software that gets to the site, it is possible to minimize the likelihood of virus infections. Another thing is that viruses are not the only problem that can be encountered on Android.

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Is Google Play blocking app updates? Not scary

Users Android started complaining en masse that they were unable to update installed apps using Google Play. Regardless of whether their auto-update mechanism was enabled or not, when trying to download an update, the catalog invariably sent a notification that it was not possible to install it. The motivation for the notification was that the settings on the device did not match the requirements of the updated application.

App won't download from Google Play

Installation error

This is the notification users receive when they try to update applications in Google Play

It is indicative that for some users the applications, despite the warning about the impossibility of installing an update, are nevertheless updated, while for others they are not. It is difficult to say what exactly is the reason for the failure, but judging by the abundance of motley comments on Twitter and on specialized forums, the problem is really large-scale and lies in the operation of Google servers. It's just that at some point something went wrong, and users who decided to update their software were faced with the inability to do so.

When I try to update a bunch of applications, I see this error every time. Apparently, the smartphone believes that the programs that I update are not installed on my device. I have no idea what is going on because when I checked the desktop they were there. As a result, all updates were installed quite correctly, and I did not find any problems in their work after launch. Of course, it may be that I did not notice a bug in some application, but for now this is all I can say, ”one of the users Android wrote on Twitter.

How to update apps without Google Play

If you are faced with a problem that prevents the update of applications downloaded from Google Play, it is best to use a third-party directory in this situation. I tend to use APKPure or APKMirror. Let me explain using the first example:

  • Go to the APKPure website using this link;
  • Find the required application in the search;


You don't need to download apps from Google Play

  • Select the most current build and download it;
  • Open Chrome's downloads section and install the app.

After installing the APK file of the application, it will simply replace the existing one, rather than duplicate it. Despite the fact that you download it from a third-party source, this will not prevent it from further updating using Google Play if you previously downloaded the application from there. This means that when Google fixes the bug, you can return to using the auto-update mechanism provided by the proprietary platform of the search giant. Well, if you are looking for something to replace Google Play, you can read this article. Everything is there.

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