Google decided to change the new Google Pixel beyond recognition

Despite the fact that Google Pixel is a kind of analogue iPhone, but only from the world Android, calling it a mass smartphone somehow does not turn the tongue. If 'nexuses' were bought quite willingly by users of varying degrees of sophistication, then 'pixels' are rather devices for a narrow circle of connoisseurs, the purchase of which still needs to be explained somehow. Therefore, you can be sure that not a single person among the owners of Google Pixel who would buy it simply because he liked the combination of characteristics, design, price-quality (underline the necessary), you will not find. It's good that Google has finally figured this out.

Google decided to change the new Google Pixel beyond recognition

Pixel 5 will be much easier than Pixel 4

Google decided to simplify the technical equipment of the next flagship of the Google Pixel line, which will be released at number 5 towards the end of this year. This will allow the company to reduce the prime cost of the device, therefore, its price and in the future will provide it with a wider audience. One of the hardware components that makes the Pixel 4 so expensive and that Google intends to sacrifice will be the Motion Sense sensor system. This is a set of scanners that allow you to control your smartphone using gestures in the air without touching its screen.

Should you buy a Pixel 4

Google decided to change the new Google Pixel beyond recognition

Motion Sense is the same nonsense that only makes the smartphone more expensive

Personally, from the very beginning, the idea of ​​controlling a smartphone in this way seemed strange to me. Despite the fact that no one has done this at this level before Google, most Pixel 4 users have found practical benefits in the new method of interacting with the interface. As a result, the innovation, which was called the flagship killer feature, was dubbed the '5 minutes' function. Although, it is obvious that it cost Google quite a lot of money to implement this idea, given that the company began to develop it a few years ago.

But Motion Sense sensors won't be the only piece of hardware that Google plans to ditch. According to some reports, the company is generally considering the possibility of reducing the cost of the Google Pixel project by refusing to equip smartphones with the most advanced hardware. It is reported that Google is testing the Pixel 5 not only based on the Snapdragon 865 processor, but also based on the Snapdragon 76 5G, which by the time of release may be replaced with the newer 768G, although all other features of the devices such as super-quality cameras planned to leave. Therefore, if the flagship processor and Motion Sense are important to you, until the fall you will still have the opportunity to buy the 'that' Pixel with all the bells and whistles.

How much is the Pixel 5

Google decided to change the new Google Pixel beyond recognition

The Pixel 5 might even be a non-flagship, but that's not a bad thing

It may come as a shock to many if the Google Pixel no longer ships with the top-of-the-line processors. After all, for some users, the Pixel is primarily a flagship. However, the bet on a mid-range chip and the abandonment of technological excesses can drastically affect the price of a future smartphone, which may well occupy the price segment of 400-500 dollars. That is, in this way, Google will be able to directly compete with iPhone SE 2020, which today for many is the reference smartphone in terms of price and performance.

Will the weaker processor have any impact on the functionality of the Pixel 5? Personally, I think not. After all, Google has long subdued artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technologies. Therefore, most likely, all the features characteristic of the previous 'pixels' will be inherent in the new. After all, as practice shows, modern mid-range processors are much more powerful than the flagship two or three years ago. And since the main functionality of smartphones today is implemented by software, it is obvious that the downgrade that has taken place will not strike users' eyes.

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