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Answering machine for Android An answering machine is a very useful program for a user who, due to being busy, is not able to constantly answer calls. Unfortunately, there are very few working voice assistants who have this function implemented today. There is a solution based on Google Assistant, but it does not yet support Russian. There are also lines of phones, for example Xperia from Sony, in which this feature works at the level of proprietary firmware.

In the same article, we will look at both the most popular text autoresponders and one program that is capable of answering by voice, but works on older devices.

Stock program 'Phone'

The dialer built into smartphones distributed under the program Android One and Google Pixel devices has the necessary functionality right on the screen for receiving an incoming call. Just click on the 'Reply' button:

To answer a call

After that, a pop-up window appears, which allows you to select a quick response that will be sent to the caller in the form of SMS:

Quick replies

To set up quick responses you need:

  1. Launch the 'Phone' application and select 'Settings' from the top right menu. Call settings
  2. Select the 'Quick replies' item. Quick replies
  3. Click on any of the options offered and edit it to your liking. Edit quick reply

Thus, you can choose up to 4 pre-prepared options or send your own. The method is quite convenient, since no third-party applications are used.


  • Integration into the shell.
  • Possibility to customize responses.
  • Ease of use.


  • No voice acting.
  • There is a separate charge for SMS messages.

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IM Auto Reply Application

A functional application focused on instant messaging services like Telegram or WhatsApp. Supports most of the most popular representatives of this type, with the exception of Viber. Has the ability to individually configure for each program and switches in the main window.

The auto-replies service is activated by a single switch in the upper left corner of the screen.

IM Auto Reply

After that, any settings, except for application switches, are blocked, and the following notification is fixed in the curtain:

Sticky notification

As you can see, the main auto-reply option for an incoming message will be 'Busy'. Let's consider its action on the example of Facebook Messenger. When the mode is active and a message arrives in the application, IM Auto Reply correctly sends the specified word to the chat:

Auto answer

Among other settings, it is worth highlighting:

  • Ability to assign auto-replies to both all contacts and only selected ones.
  • Control over the distribution of messages: you can set both a single response and for each new update in the chat.
  • Manage custom answer choices.
  • Fine-tuning white and black lists.


  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn't require access to messenger accounts.
  • It is possible to customize contextual responses.


  • Doesn't work with incoming calls.

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SMS Auto Answer Application

The program is essentially an extended version of the standard autoresponder from Google. Here there is a finer setting of SMS sending profiles and general automation of the process, which takes place without user intervention. Of course, all this requires a fairly large number of permissions, like deactivating traffic saving mode and battery for correct operation.

Setting up an event is pretty simple and clear to any user:

  1. Click on the 'Create' button in the main program window. Create an autoresponder
  2. After that, the profile editing window appears. Here you can set its short name, change the phrase that will be sent in the message, and specify the contacts to whom it will be sent to the call. Phrase for auto answer
  3. Next, you need to set the action time, by default – 2 hours. There are switches for setting auto-answer on a specific date and even days of the week, for example, to prevent work calls on weekends. Autoresponder by day of the week
  4. After clicking the 'Save' button, the application redirects the user to the profile activation screen. Profile list
  5. The main switch immediately activates the required rule and displays the corresponding notification in the device shutter. Activating an answering machine

Thus, for the next 2 hours, all incoming calls will be dropped, and the caller will receive an SMS with the content specified in the 'At a meeting' profile.

Application settings look like this:

SMS answering machine settings

Here you can customize the message spacing and the autoresponder behavior in more detail. For example, prohibit receiving calls from numbers of a certain length, or set only unknown numbers (or vice versa, only known ones).


  • Excellent opportunities to automate hours of unavailability.
  • Detailed settings.
  • Several profiles, including those created by the user.
  • Management of sent messages.


  • Too many permissions and settings of the OS itself are required for correct operation.

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Application “TextDrive”

An application that will not work at full capacity on Android versions 8.0 and newer due to the changed call control policy. On older versions, it allows you to answer text and voice not only to calls and messages from instant messengers, but also to phone calls. Designed primarily for motorists or people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

The main window has a large toggle in the shape of a round button, which is responsible for activating and deactivating the answering machine mode.

Turn on answering machine

There are several preset profiles that are activated from the menu on the right and have their own answers. They can also be changed as convenient for the user.

Preset quick responses

The left menu contains the program settings. The main window looks like this:

Application settings

Here you can configure the application language, blacklist, launch when the smartphone is turned on and several more functions for activating the auto answer service – using the Driver Sensor and Bluetooth – devices. In the latter case, the reaction will be only to previously paired and active at this time accessories.

In the call settings, there is the ability to block them when the user is driving. In this case, it is possible to resolve urgent calls, which are determined by such, if the same subscriber calls several times in a row in a short time period. It can be configured as convenient for the owner of the smartphone.

Driving settings

The autoreply configuration looks like this:

Configuring auto replies

As you can see, here you can configure any variation of sending messages instead of yourself. In addition, there is an option to choose your own text:

Edit quick reply

There is also an auto-reply function for messages from instant messengers and letters from a mail client. If they were written in English, they can also be read by voice. Other languages ​​are supported to a limited extent, Russian is not supported at all.

Auto answer for messengers


  • Many settings.
  • Stable work.
  • Easy control.


  • Primarily focused on drivers.
  • The Russian language is very limited, the interface is not Russified at all.

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Telman answering machine

Simple but effective application that does not work on phones running OS Android versions 7 or newer. On other, less current releases, it will function as expected.

Key features:

  • Voice auto-answer to incoming calls with a greeting and farewell phrase.
  • Switching on with a configurable delay.
  • Automatic call transfer to the loudspeaker.

The main window looks like this:

Main window of the program

At the top right is a menu from which you can access all the application settings:

Application settings

When you activate the main switch 'turn on the answering machine', the following notification is displayed in the blind:


The selection of the greeting phrase is done either in the respective language or from an MP3 file. There is also an opportunity to dictate your own version.

List of available languages

The farewell phrase is available only in English, with a female voice, but here you can also assign your own audio file to it.

The microphone button in the search bar in the main window simply invokes Google voice search, saving the speech recognition result in this application:

Google Voice Search

Localization is incomplete, it has all the features of machine translation. When switching languages, a bug is observed: an attempt to change it back to English translates back only part of the controls, leaving others in Russian.


  • Works well on smartphones with older versions Android.
  • It is possible to record your own auto-responses.
  • Setting the delay when playing a message.


  • Doesn't work on new devices.
  • Localization is very poor quality.

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