Android has released a camera app with photoshop. How to download

The approach to mobile photography has changed a lot over the past couple of years. If earlier we tried to achieve maximum naturalness, now it has been replaced by external beauty. It didn't matter to us whether the smartphone camera really sees so well in the dark or just brightens the frame and draws in poorly distinguishable details. After all, who cares if the artificial intelligence that underlies the software of almost all modern devices is doing its job well? So it comes as no surprise that users wanted the photoshop camera that Adobe was happy to provide.

Android has released a camera app with photoshop.  How to download

Looking for a photoshop camera? There she is

Adobe has officially released the release version of Photoshop Camera for Android. This is an AI and neural network-enabled camera app that has some of the tools of regular Photoshop and Lightroom built in. Thanks to them, the user can try on the special effects he likes in real time and take photos with them. Thus, you can save time and not deal with post-factum processing of images, but embellish it right away by choosing the desired filter.

Download camera with effects for android

The camera with Photoshop for Android, unlike other Adobe programs and services, is distributed completely free of charge. That is, you do not have to pay for a subscription or one-time. The only snag is the limited availability of the application, which, although it appeared on Google Play, users from Russia cannot download it from there. However, you can always use the APKPure service.

  • Follow this link to the Photoshop Camera page;
  • Click 'Download' and confirm the download;

Android has released a camera app with photoshop.  How to download

You can download Photoshop Camera from Google Play, and from APKPure

  • Launch the app and log in with your Google account;
  • Give the application the requested permissions and use.

Artificial intelligence support is felt right away. This is indicated by how well the filters are applied. The application clearly identifies the horizon, obstacles and other features of the frame, adjusting in such a way that the result looks as natural as possible. Here's a simple example. I took both photos from the window of my apartment.

Android has released a camera app with photoshop.  How to download

Photoshop Camera is excellent at recognizing obstacles and shooting conditions

But in the first case, I took a picture from a distance and the application recognized the window frame, placing the rocket so that it did not overlap. And I did the second by going right up to the window. Photoshop Camera's algorithms determined the horizon line and stuck the rocket right above it.

In general, the naturalness of Photoshop Camera's special effects is really amazing. I chose a cloudy sky filter with clarity, changed them and every shot always came out as if all those clouds and sunrays were in the sky in reality. Therefore, if you want to improve the quality of your photos on your smartphone camera, download Photoshop Camera. You will not regret.

Android has released a camera app with photoshop.  How to download

Both the sky is not real

Using Photoshop Camera, despite the seeming complexity of the interface, is completely simple. Immediately after launch, select a filter at the bottom of the screen and see how the world looks through the camera lens with it. If desired, the filter can be configured as needed by scrolling left and right, choosing different add-ons.

Android has released a camera app with photoshop.  How to download

Select the filter you want and customize it the way you like

If the available special effects seem a little to you, you can choose others from the catalog. To do this, scroll through the list of available filters to the end and click on the '+' button, then select the filter you like and confirm its addition with the Add button. And it's especially great that you can even edit the finished picture by changing the location of the special effects and making other adjustments to the frame.

There are really a lot of special effects in the Photoshop Camera catalog. With their help, you can simulate many shooting scenarios, and hardly anyone will be able to recognize in this Photoshop – everything looks so natural, causing the feeling of studio shooting. Here you can find filters for shooting architecture, nature, selfies, portraits and much more. It is very convenient to immediately publish such photos to social networks, upload them to the cloud or share them with friends. Checked on myself: no one could distinguish a real photo from a processed one.

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