What kind of music to play at home? Listen to the new album by The Weeknd

There are not many artists in the pop music industry who are able to combine not so much music of different genres, but completely opposite moods. For example, Abel Tesfaye, who performs under the pseudonym The Weeknd, has been mixing indie and electronic music styles for several years now. At one time, I directly listened to the disc 'Starboy' – starting with the track of the same name, I could no longer stop. Now many musicians and filmmakers are postponing their premieres, and I was glad when I learned about the release of the new album The Weeknd: when you work from home, it's easier to do it with pleasant music.

What kind of music to play at home?  Listen to the new album by The Weeknd

The Weeknd was bored at home too until it released a new album

The Weeknd plays with musical styles so skillfully that none of his new albums are alike. Взять тот же 'Starboy': энергичный, привычный любителям R&B набор треков, который можно слушать на репите дома, в машине, в клубе — то, за что мы любим поп-музыку.

'MyDear Melancholy' that followed is a completely different story. Melancholic songs, emphasized by the strong vocal of the performer (and The Weeknd's voice is really cool), beckon to huddle under the covers with a mug of tea, and if it is pouring rain outside the window, it’s generally beautiful. Parting with Bella Hadid, he clearly experienced painful.

Back in November last year, the singer made two clear hints about the imminent release of another album. In a week he released two singles at once – 'Blinding Lights' and 'Heartless', which turned out to be so good that they quickly won first places in most of the world's music charts, and, by the way, 'Blinding Lights' still remains in the top.

But until February 2020, nothing was known about the new album, until The Weeknd pleased with another single, 'After Hours' – from the album of the same name.

All the tracks of the new disc are united by the fact that they are made in the style of the 80s, this can be traced, for example, in the parts of the synthesizer with a sound characteristic of that era and a straightforward dance beat. The performer was clearly inspired by the music of that time, but by no means can one say that the tracks sound 'vintage': on the contrary, it is a mix with a modern style. Probably, that is why the album can become a breath of fresh air for many – it is always nice to listen to something really new. And mind you, the album is again unlike any of The Weeknd's previous releases.

В 'After Hours' вас ждет почти час отменного 'альтернативного R&B', который не оставит равнодушными даже тех, кто далек от поп-музыки. And do not be confused by the bold cover, it is better to listen to it soon. You can do this in Boom, Yandex.Music, or another streaming service. I hoped that The Weeknd would still come to Moscow with a concert this year, but because of the current situation in the world, I'm not sure anymore.

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