Access point and modem on Samsung

Samsung hotspot and modem How to make an Internet access point out of your Samsung phone or use it as a modem? Those. any device (via wi-fi, bluetooth, usb) can connect to your smartphone and use it as a modem to access the Internet. The solution is further in the article.

Mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspot is the most common and easiest option. Basically, you are sharing the Internet through your SIM card in your phone. In this case, pay for the consumption of mobile traffic, according to your tariff plan with the operator. Be careful here, otherwise you will drain all the money from the balance.

To enable the mobile hotspot, go to Settings – Connections – Hotspot and modem – Mobile hotspot. The phone must have 1 active SIM.

Mobile hotspot

Alternatively, you can turn on the mobile hotspot through quick access to the menu. Swipe down from the edge of the screen, a menu will appear. Select the desired icon.

Mobile hotspot

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Bluetooth – modem

Bluetooth – the modem provides general Internet access on the device. Those. through bluetooth technology, neighboring devices (phones, tablets or other gadgets) connect to you and get access to the Internet. Again, your phone acts as a mobile hotspot, i.e. mobile traffic is consumed.

To turn on the bluetooth modem, go to Settings – Connections – Access point and modem – Bluetooth – modem.

Bluetooth - modem for Samsung

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USB modem

Using your phone as a USB tethering allows you to share the Internet with other connected devices. Only in this case the connection is made via USB. The method is old and is hardly used now.

For clarity:

  1. We connect the smartphone via a usb cable to any computer / laptop.
  2. In the phone, activate the usb modem option (Settings – Connections – Access point and modem – USB modem).
  3. We are waiting for windows to install the necessary drivers. On my Win7, the modem appeared in the device manager as a Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device. Your name may be different. Phone as usb modem on computer
  4. Next, we set up the Internet connection on the computer. Through START we go to the control panel – modems – Internet connections. We add a new connection via a smartphone (we fill in the dial-up number, login and password). Phone as a modem on a computer
  5. Through the control panel on the computer, we find our modem (phone) – Properties. In the “Additional initialization commands” field, write the modem initialization line: AT + CGDCONT = 1, “IP”, “” (bold for Beeline subscribers) . Each mobile operator has its own access point, check with the support service.

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