Don't bomb me: Google has figured out how to troll Huawei

The lack of Google services in new smartphones Huawei is a real problem. It is because of her that the number of people who want to buy them has recently greatly diminished, because few people want to suffer with APK files of the necessary applications that are banal in AppGallery, not to mention interruptions with notifications that may not come due to incompatibility of greater parts of software with Huawei Mobile Services. However, the Chinese are not giving up and are doing their best to achieve full autonomy from Google, improving their own services day after day. It is clear that the search giant could not fail to notice this.

Don't bomb me: Google has figured out how to troll Huawei

Raking up the heat with someone else's hands is like Google

Google began to require smartphone manufacturers who buy a license from it and officially support Google Mobile Services to write about it on the packaging. The first machine whose manufacturer fulfilled the new requirement was Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Now, on the box in which it comes for sale, there is a proud inscription “with easy access to the Google apps you use most”, which translated into Russian means “with easy access to the Google applications that you use most often”.

How Huawei changed Google

Don't bomb me: Google has figured out how to troll Huawei

This is not Xiaomi trolls Huawei but Google

One might think that this is an initiative itself Xiaomi, which decided in this way to point out to consumers that its branded smartphones, unlike devices Huawei, support Google services out of the box, but, as it turned out later, everything was completely different. According to official representatives Xiaomi, such an initiative came from Google itself, which considered that the inscription “Powered by Android” that appears on the loading screen would not be enough, and therefore decided to fill the gap .

We have noticed that there is a lot of discussion on the Internet about the packaging of the mobile phone Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro for the international market. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we consider it necessary to clarify the following:

  • The copy of the package that appears in the photos was developed in accordance with a cooperation agreement with our partners, similar to the words “power by android” when turning on Android – smartphones and “intel inside” when turning on computers.
  • Since the previous version of the agreement between Xiaomi and our partners has expired, Xiaomi becomes the first manufacturer to enter into a new cooperation agreement and release a new product on sale as required by the agreement .
  • We hope that all the world's mobile phone manufacturers can work seamlessly with all partners to create a richer ecosystem.

Huawei without Google Play

Don't bomb me: Google has figured out how to troll Huawei

Huawei comes without Google services, but customers don't know about it

It is quite obvious that Google decided to force manufacturers to indicate the compatibility of their smartphones with Google Mobile Services on packages precisely because of Huawei, especially since the new initiative really makes practical sense. Indeed, due to the fact that many consumers do not even have a clue that the devices Huawei and Honor do not work with the services of the search giant, they are forced to either continue using them or return them back to the store, which in turn leads to the loss of retail chains and itself Huawei, which has to repackage the returned devices again.

Another thing is how it all looks. Even if Google originally hoped that the compatibility label would serve an exclusively informative purpose, in fact it turned out that now many sincerely believe that the search giant is just trolling Huawei, while raking in the heat with the wrong hands . After all, an uninitiated person – and there are, I must say, the majority of them – will almost certainly get the impression that this is not Google, and the manufacturers themselves are making fun of their less fortunate competitor, deprived of access to Google Mobile Services.

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