A quarter of smartphone owners miss removable batteries. Why?

Recently, interesting statistics appeared on the Web, according to which a very large number of users would like their smartphone to support removable batteries. It seemed that we had already moved away from this to make the devices thinner and more compact, but users are closer to exactly that old-school approach. In the old days, pulling out the battery could reboot a frozen device, but now this is no longer necessary. So why is everyone so keen on modularity? Or is it a desire to support the demands of the EU authorities, who want to oblige everyone to produce models with a removable battery? Or maybe this is a desire for conspiracy? Let's figure it out!

A quarter of smartphone owners miss removable batteries.  Why?

A removable battery is no longer in vogue, but many people want it.

In a survey of 27,000 people, a surprising 27% said they needed a removable battery in every phone. Meanwhile, 47% said it was a nice but not an important feature, and only 26% didn’t worry at all about their battery not being removed. But let's talk about everything in order. We will try to understand how it all began and why it happened.

When they stopped making removable batteries in phones

Modern smartphones are gradually disappearing into themselves. Remember how earlier on their case there were headphone jacks, unique for almost every charging model, and the case itself was disassembled so that you could pull out the battery or SIM card? Some manufacturers make such devices even now, but their share has dropped dramatically recently and they remained only in the budget segment itself. Perhaps this is due to the fact that making the battery removable is much easier than packing it inside, and in case of a marriage, disassemble the entire device.

A quarter of smartphone owners miss removable batteries.  Why?

Samsung was one of the first to ditch removable batteries.

The first signs of rejection of circuit batteries appeared with the release iPhone of the first generation. Many users called it a minus and said they would buy better Android. As an argument, they cited a situation in which it would be possible to reboot the device when it freezes. iPhone didn't hang like that and he just didn't need it.

For some time, manufacturers held on to the idea of ​​a collapsible case, while Samsung began to promote it by refusing it. After that, among the flagship smartphones, this gradually faded away, and the last “dinosaurs” were LG G5 and V20, released in 2016. Since then, flagships have not been released with removable batteries.

A quarter of smartphone owners miss removable batteries.  Why?

At one time it was rumored that LG G6 will have a removable battery, but the company changed its mind.

Why is it better to buy a phone without a removable battery

This has many advantages. Firstly, the body can be made thinner, saving an extra millimeter and a half. Secondly, the body becomes more premium and squeaks less. Third, it just gets stronger. And fourthly, and this is the most pleasant thing, this is the only way to make a case with protection against water.

Today you can still occasionally meet people reminiscing about replaceable batteries, but the concept is so far removed from the reality of today's industry that it can be called a legend.

It was because of all this that I was surprised by the statistics that appeared, which was shared by the Android Authority portal. Three-quarters of users do not mind the return of removable batteries. Of these, a third would like this return and only 26 percent, like me, are against such a downgrade.

A quarter of smartphone owners miss removable batteries.  Why?

About a quarter of users want a return to removable batteries. About half more are not against it. Only a quarter of users don't want to go back to collapsible phone cases.

Are companies ready to make removable batteries in phones?

It turns out that companies cannot help but notice that users want to have replaceable batteries in their devices, but they are not going to meet them. Most likely, this is due to the fact that they understand everything.

Users think that all the benefits will remain with them and they will not be deprived of a durable beautiful case and water resistance. They think that the battery will simply come out somehow. This is impossible, and if you do it, then smartphones will simply become worse.

In fact, it would be beneficial for manufacturers as well, as it would provide an opportunity to sell batteries. In this case, users would buy them more often and would definitely bring more money to companies.

A quarter of smartphone owners miss removable batteries.  Why?

If all batteries were removable, users would replace them much more often.

Who wants a smartphone with a removable battery

If you give a person two situations to choose from, I wonder what choice he would make in them? The first situation is that at the presentation of the new flagship from the stage they will say that the new product will have a removable battery. In the second situation, it will be reported that the new product has fast charging, wireless charging capability, water resistance and can withstand a fall from a height of a meter. Which of these would you choose?

Maybe one of the major manufacturers will decide to release something similar, albeit not in the most expensive device, but it's too early to talk about it. If they decide to do this, they will be able to really stand out against the background of competitors, because it is precisely to stand out that everyone is striving now.

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