How to download wallpaper from firmware of foldable Galaxy Z Fold 2 to any Android

I think I won't be mistaken if I say that modern smartphones have frankly ceased to amaze. The same processors, the same cameras, the same amount of RAM, software shells – and those are the same. Perhaps the only thing that distinguishes the devices that you can find on the market is the performance of the main camera, because it turns out to be quite difficult to see the body design behind it. Well, and, of course, the desktop wallpaper, which is specially made exclusive, supplying each model with its own screensavers.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Galaxy Z Fold 2 offers users exclusive wallpapers

One of the most interesting smartphones on the market is undoubtedly the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The novelty is the successor of the original Galaxy Fold, getting rid of the shortcomings of its predecessor and getting an additional letter Z in the model name. But since the device is quite expensive, it would be logical to expect some special screensavers from it. In the end, it happened: Samsung added a series of unique images for the desktop to the smartphone's firmware, and installed protection on them to make customers feel special. Fortunately, we managed to get around it, and now anyone can download these wallpapers.

Where to get wallpapers for Galaxy Fold

  • To download wallpapers from Galaxy Z Fold 2 firmware, follow this link;
  • Click on the download button and confirm the download of the folder;

Setting wallpaper

For classic smartphones, narrow-format wallpapers are suitable

  • Open the folder and go to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Wallpapers tab;
  • Select an image, click on the three dots on the left and set it as your desktop wallpaper or lock screen saver.

There are 12 screensavers in total (including 2 animated): for the external screen and for the internal one. The former have an aspect ratio of 2: 1, while the latter have an aspect ratio of 4: 3. That is, when downloading them, be guided by the format of your display. For example, narrow-format wallpapers are suitable for classic smartphones, and wide-format wallpapers for tablets, computers and laptops. The wallpapers themselves are pretty close to those that debuted a year ago in the original Galaxy Fold. True, these leave the impression that the artist painted them with his hands, while the old ones were more digital, or something.

Exclusive wallpapers for Android


Looks pretty, right? But when it moves, it looks even more beautiful

Samsung did not change the concept of the images, deciding that the spread wings of a butterfly are a good allusion to the folding case of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. In general, it is. However, in order to fully experience this, it is necessary to install animated wallpapers, while static ones are frankly not surprising. Another thing is that they are only suitable for a device with a square or close to square screen: the Galaxy Z Fold 2 itself, iPad, Google Pixelbook. The rest, unfortunately, have screens of 16: 9, which is not suitable for this type of wallpaper.

Samsung, like any other self-respecting manufacturer, tries not only to draw images of the desktop of its smartphones – at least flagship ones – in Photoshop. To emphasize their attention to detail, in such cases, manufacturers hire a group of photographers, artists and designers who try to present something completely typical in the form of something unusual. For example, all these colored elements are not really drawing, but a roleplaying of various light sources that were shot from a certain angle.

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