Wi-Fi hotspot at Xiaomi Redmi

Wi-Fi hotspot at Xiaomi  Using a Wi-Fi access point, you can organize the distribution of the Internet to other devices using the mobile Internet on your phone.

To activate this feature, go to Settings> Wi-Fi Hotspot.

First, you need to configure our access point by writing down the name of the network, choosing the type of protection (usually wpa2 psk), password and frequency range (usually 2.4 GHz).

Access point settings

Next, you can set a key to connect to the point – this is a QR code. Those. anyone scans it and connects to wi-fi without entering a password.

QR code to scan

You can set a one-time traffic limit for each new connected. This is necessary in order to save your mobile traffic. Set, for example, 50 MB, and if the threshold is exceeded, simply turn off the device.

one-time traffic limit

The option to automatically turn off the access point allows you to turn off wi-fi access if there are no connected devices nearby. This significantly saves battery power.

The list of connected devices to your access point can always be viewed, and if necessary, some points can be disconnected.

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