How easy is it to break a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 . The first drop test

Agree, how interesting it is how a smartphone for 1000+ dollars will behave after purchase. I would not want to buy a smartphone that would crash if dropped on a pillow from a height of 10 centimeters. That is why there is so much interest in the first drop tests of new smartphones. It's one thing when they say from the stage that a new gadget has become many times stronger, and quite another when an independent (sort of) blogger proves it. This time, we have the durability test results of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone. In general, it performed surprisingly well, which is to be expected from such an expensive smartphone, but there are some questions for it. Let's understand in more detail.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

This smartphone can also be broken. You don't even have to try.

How reliable is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20

As is usually the case, the strength test results appeared on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel. It is from him that we learn about the strength of new products that companies produce. The channel has even become a certain verification standard due to the fact that every video has been tested for the same parameters for many years. So you can compare different smartphones with each other, without having to conduct a new test each time.

In the new video, the smartphone was tortured for 10 minutes. During this time, we all learned about him. It was especially interesting to see how the body and the new glass from Corning will behave, which was named Gorilla Glass Victus and became a logical continuation of Gorilla Glass 6. Actually, due to the thorough approach to this glass, the video lasts much longer than usual.

Interestingly, Zach – the host of JerryRigEverything – in some way dispelled the myth that Corning's new glass is actually much stronger than its previous version. It scratches at the same level on the Mohs scale as Gorilla Glass 6. In the video, Zak talks a lot about this glass, but in fact, we already have enough information that it scratches the same way.

It's nice that the scratches that appeared with a strong impact on the screen did not affect its performance. In addition to the fact that the screen itself worked (this was beyond doubt), the fingerprint scanner continued to work perfectly.


Scratches on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case

From the video, we can conclude that the frame of the smartphone is made of aluminum, which is proved by the damage that it receives when scraping it with a knife. It is not worth hoping that there will be no marks on the sides of the smartphone if you fall on a hard surface or in case of contact with metal objects in your pocket.

The buttons are somewhat reminiscent of those that were on the previous generation Samsung Galaxy Note. They can be completely removed from the smartphone and are also made of aluminum.


The frame of your smartphone is very easy to scratch.

The S Pen stylus was also included in the video. In addition to the fact that they talked a lot about him (because of this, the video also lengthened a little), he, of course, also underwent a strength test. Naturally, due to the plastic case, it was easy enough to damage it. However, it is not an accessory that carries a serious load. Also, the stylus, if something happens to it, can be bought separately, unlike the phone case.

S Pen

If you freak out, the S Pen can be broken.

The main camera on the back is also protected by Gorila Glass. It can be assumed that Victus glass also became it. If you set a goal to scratch it, then, naturally, it will work out, but in ordinary life you should not worry about it.

When exposed to a flame, the display pixels will turn off after 23 seconds. It's not worth doing such experiments on your smartphone, since in the case of the Galaxy Note 20 they never recovered. In general, this is much more common in smartphones with OLED screens than with IPS.


If you burn the screen, then it will not work.

Is it easy to break a new smartphone

You might be a little surprised that the bending did not cause any significant damage to the smartphone. He continued to work, and the bend itself turned out to be not so strong, despite the peculiarities of the body materials used. During bending, the body held firm enough and did not even emit squeaks.


Bending the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is tricky.

All things considered, we can say that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra performed well in the drop test overall. However, this is to be expected since this is a $ 1,300 smartphone, so you can expect it to be durable. This applies to the strength of the structure as a whole, but some materials, for example, aluminum, could be replaced by some others – more durable and premium.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Samsung's most powerful smartphone yet. It launched alongside the Galaxy Note 20 and a range of other products earlier this month.

It would be interesting to see the durability test of a regular Galaxy Note 20. With a plastic back cover. Hopefully the source gets to know this soon.

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