The best Samsung phone so far works like a cheap one Xiaomi

We all want to enjoy good things. To do this, we buy flagship smartphones, expensive cars, branded clothing and delicious food. We will not discuss the expediency of such purchases now, everyone decides for himself what to spend his money on. But it only hurts when you buy something for 100,000 rubles, but it works worse than something for 10,000 rubles. At this moment, you want to start tearing up, throwing and demanding to punish those responsible. Users of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra around the world have almost reached this point. Their new flagships at some points work worse than the year before last Xiaomi. I would also be indignant and went with a pitchfork to the head office of the company.

The best Samsung phone so far works like a cheap one Xiaomi

Why pay extra for a flagship if it doesn't work?

Samsung phones have problems again

You all remember the story when Samsung released the Note 7, which exploded when it was least expected. For some, he burned the bedside table, for someone – the upholstery of the seats in the car, and for someone – the fifth point if he was lying in the back pocket of his pants.

Now the company's file is not as weighty in terms of security, but almost more offensive for the owners, who paid $ 1,400 for their “world's best” phones.

Some of the problems have appeared long ago, but they are fixed very slowly. Several users on the Samsung community forums have now complained that their Exynos-based Galaxy S20 Ultra suffers from autofocus issues and gets very hot.

Some forum visitors say that the phone heats up in seconds when using the camera app. Some of them also reported very short battery life. For many, it does not exceed 3.5-4 hours with an unlocked screen. In order to localize the problem and understand that, for example, it is not about 5G, users disable this function and use only 4G. It turns out that the point is not in the communication module, but in the software and the processor. Moreover, I already said that Samsung has big problems with this.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera problems

The camera is a separate problem. Many users complain about different features of its work, but autofocus gets the most. Some users even post in Twitter how this happens. In the video, you can see how the camera tries to focus on the subject, but cannot fix the focus. Do you think it is possible to say that the camera of this smartphone simply does not work? Yes! You can't shoot with it – it means it doesn't work.

The best Samsung phone so far works like a cheap one Xiaomi

Everything is beautiful in the pictures, but in reality …

It seems to me that this is unacceptable, not that for the flagship it is almost a “polish”, but even for the battered life Redmi, which in ordinary life works so-so. In this case, it boasts that it does the Galaxy S20 Ultra itself on the camera.

Samsung on Exynos is worse than Samsung on Snapdragon

Considering that the difficulties in work are manifested only in smartphones with Exynos processors, this is another proof that something needs to be done about this. We already wrote that Samsung is working with Google on a new Exynos processor. Perhaps they will even be in the Google Pixel 5. The main thing is that they do not kill the entire line with such malfunctions.

For Samsung, it looks like it's all settled already. Until recently, I tried to somehow protect Exynos processors, but there are more and more problems with them. This is no longer good for anything and you have to do something about it. I think it's time to stop tormenting the place where these processors come from and completely switch to Snapdragon. There are no problems with these processors. Well, or at least selling Exynos-based models is cheaper than Snapdragon models, and not claiming that everything is fine with them.

Let me remind you that not so long ago the company assured the public that both processors pass the same tests during production and no difference is found between them. We can only guess what these tests are, if, when working, the most top and expensive flagships provide less positive emotions than budget ones Xiaomi, Huawei, BQ, and sometimes even, excuse me, Jinga …

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra update

The irony is that the company has already released an update that should have addressed autofocus issues. But it didn't solve anything. Some users got what they needed, but the rest of them just had to tell their friends with iPhone what a good camera they have. This has not yet been proven.

The best Samsung phone so far works like a cheap one Xiaomi

Now you can't say which is better.

I understand that any manufacturer can have errors. Sometimes they can be forgiven, even if they are found among the flagships. But for this you need to fix everything quickly. In this situation, one gets the feeling that the problem is deeper than just a software glitch. If it was just him, it would be fixed much faster.

It seems that the company is simply trying to remotely make something that does not work at the hardware level work. In the end, scientists were able to remotely repair the Voyager spacecraft, which was launched 40 years ago and which has already flown out of our solar system. If anything, the signal goes 17 hours to it and the same amount back. It was repaired, but no smartphones. Still looking to buy a top-end flagship?

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