How much RAM does the Galaxy S20 have and why does it need so much

I don’t know about you, but I almost don’t follow the hardware of modern smartphones. I don’t care what processor is responsible for their work, how much RAM they have, and even more so I don’t remember about the graphics accelerator. And why, if today both state employees and flagships work plus or minus the same, providing an approximately comparable experience of using not only the interface, but also third-party software. Of course, if you dig deeper, it turns out that flagships with top-end hardware, in fact, are able to do much more than devices costing 2-3 times less, especially when it comes to photography. But the RAM is something. Where is it so much?

How much RAM does the Galaxy S20 have and why does it need so much

The base configuration of the Galaxy S20 has 12 GB of RAM, while the top-end has 16 GB

Therefore, when I found out that the Galaxy S20 has 12 GB of RAM in the database, and all 16 in the top, although I was not surprised, I wondered – why? After all, the Galaxy S10 with its 8 GB worked just fine and still continues to fulfill all the duties that the user assigns to it. With such an amount of RAM, the smartphone not only does not reload tabs in the browser, it is capable of simultaneously providing background work for more than three dozen applications, allowing you to open any of them at any time and resume interaction with them from the moment you stopped.

How much RAM is needed

How much RAM does the Galaxy S20 have and why does it need so much

The Galaxy S20 is a great smartphone, but with RAM it is really overkill. Especially in the top configuration

It is clear that the RAM does not ask for it, and therefore it is a little strange to complain that there is too much of it. Another thing is that such metamorphoses occur only with smartphones of some manufacturers, while others have long forgotten about this race and do not try to prove something to someone. Take the same Google. Its branded smartphones have 4GB of RAM each and do just fine with exactly the same tasks as the Galaxy S10 with twice the amount of RAM.

It turns out that Samsung, known as a manufacturer of innovations not for people, is still leading that senseless race, trying to endlessly increase the hardware potential of its devices. It just looks rather like a dog trying to catch up and bite its own tail, because the company has become hostage to its own principles. Well, she cannot afford that her new smartphone does not surpass the model of the previous generation. As a result, if last year the flagship had 8 GB, the Koreans can no longer keep the same volume or increase it to at least 10 GB. After all, then everyone will forget that Samsung is the main innovator in the industry.

Galaxy S20 – one big bust

Another thing is that such innovations, which Samsung is doing, often turn out to be simply inapplicable in real conditions of use. The main problem of the Korean company, in my opinion, is that it does not know how to stop where it would be most logical to do it. A 10x zoom without any loss of quality is a great feature, but a 100x zoom is too much. The same is with the RAM, at which for some reason you just want to laugh because there is nothing funny here. You know, about the same impression arises when you are told an unfunny joke, and it is so bad that you want to laugh because of this.

Will the Galaxy S20 be popular? Of course it will be. Despite Samsung's attempts to leap over its head in some aspects like RAM or zoom technology, it's still a great smartphone. Even in the basic configuration, the twenty is a true flagship with powerful hardware, an excellent camera, a capacious battery and a recognizable design. Despite the fact that recently all the new items at Samsung have looked about the same, it seems that it does not spoil them at all, but, on the contrary, gives them a certain charm. If only the Koreans didn’t break prices, and then they wouldn’t have prices.

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