Why You Don't Need An Expensive Smartphone To Take Cool Pictures

Despite the fact that a high-quality camera has always been an important condition for most users when choosing a smartphone, today it is almost the main criterion that defines a flagship. Of course, the cult did not arise out of the blue. For this to happen, the manufacturers had to conduct a massive marketing campaign, which eventually paid off and allowed them to quite reasonably increase the prices of their smartphones. Still, four-camera systems with a 10x optical zoom, ultra-wide viewing angle and macro shooting a priori cannot be cheap, since they provide excellent results regardless of shooting conditions. But, as it turned out, you don't have to spend fabulous money to get a beautiful photo.

Why You Don't Need An Expensive Smartphone To Take Cool Pictures

You can take a beautiful picture even with an inexpensive smartphone and even without special effects

Bulgarian photographer Mihain Minkov proved that you can take a high-quality photo even with an inexpensive smartphone with a not very advanced camera. To do this, he took Redmi Note 9 Pro and, so that the version that the camera does not photograph, but the person, looked as believable as possible, he decided to demonstrate his skills on the example of night photography.

How the camera shoots Redmi Note 9 Pro

Why You Don't Need An Expensive Smartphone To Take Cool Pictures

Try to get a good photo in low light conditions without night mode. It turns out it's real

But before we get to the results of the survey, let's talk a little Redmi Note 9 Pro. To begin with, this is still not the most budget smartphone. In Russia, its price starts at 23,990 rubles, which, by the standards of many, already belongs rather to the middle segment. However, against the background of the Galaxy S20 Ultra for 100 thousand rubles and Huawei P40 Pro + for 70 thousand rubles Redmi Note 9 Pro still looks quite acceptable.

However, the camera on Redmi Note 9 Pro is clearly not the worst. Firstly, it consists of four modules and has a resolution of 64 megapixels. Secondly, judging by the reviews on Yandex.Market, this smartphone is largely bought precisely because of the high-quality photos that the device takes regardless of the shooting scenario. Therefore, if I may say so, the photographer cheated a little, which, however, in no way negates his professionalism. Just look at the photo!

How to set up your camera for night photography

Why You Don't Need An Expensive Smartphone To Take Cool Pictures

How cool this photo looks! But it was made on a smartphone

Despite the fact that Redmi Note 9 Pro has night mode and supports the Google ported Camera, the photographer preferred to use the stock camera application, setting the settings that, in his opinion, were best suited for the shooting conditions he chose. He even presented them to the public:

  • Equipment: 64MP main module and a stepladder to give the impression of shooting from a hill
  • Exposure: 30 seconds
  • Light sensitivity: ISO 3200

That's, in general, that's all. True, one cannot fail to mention one cheat that the photographer used. In fact, he took two photos from the same angle. It's just that the first was done in order to capture the sky, and the second – to achieve vivid colors, which is important for the high-quality display of sunflowers and the overflow of the Milky Way. Then he combined the two frames in the editor and got a truly outstanding result.

I, in general, knew before that photographers resort to the method of combining frames to get a more beautiful sky, but that this technique can somehow 'stretch' a picture from a smartphone, I really believed difficult. Moreover, this frame was deliberately taken without special post-processing effects that visually improve the frame, and night mode, once again confirming that in capable hands you can even shoot a cool series of photos using a calculator.

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