Why is iPhone better than Android for TikTok

Probably everyone already knows what TikTok is. And those who do not know the term itself will understand what it is about if you offer them a short description. It is not surprising to understand the popularity of this service. Short videos, flavored with rocking tracks, simply could not fail to attract teenagers, and after them, older people who are ready for everything new and exciting. It's especially great that TikTok is available on both iOS and Android, allowing you to use it from any smartphone. However, if you are seriously interested in this service, it is better to choose iPhone.

TikTok on iPhone

Love TikTok? Better to love him through the lens iPhone

I'll warn you right away: if you shoot a video on TikTok, there will be no difference for you, as is the case with Instagram, which mercilessly cuts the quality of videos recorded on the camera Android – regardless of the smartphone brand. Here the point is different, namely, security. The fact is that in terms of security, the TikTok app for Android is, frankly, absolutely nothing. But the version for iOS – not least thanks to strict rules for publishing in the App Store – is guaranteed to protect your privacy.

Is TikTok dangerous

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TikTok has spied on users Android and will surely spy on them in the future

An investigation by The Wall Street Journal showed that the TikTok application for Android collected information about the MAC addresses of users 'devices and sent them to the developers' servers, where it was processed and most likely used in the interests of ByteDance, which owns the service . Despite the fact that this is against the rules of Google Play, the application accumulated this information for 15 months, and no one even knew about it. It's scary to imagine how much data he managed to collect during this time.

You may not know what a MAC address is and think it’s some ephemeral term that doesn’t mean the slightest to you. But you are wrong. A MAC address is a permanent characteristic of a device that communicates with the Internet. That is, it cannot be changed (in theory it is possible, but you need to get too confused, and for ordinary users this is unrealistic) and with its help ByteDance could recognize you from a thousand or even a million people like you, letting in all the privacy and protection of personal data down the drain.

Why TikTok will be removed

TikTok on the App Store

Apple will not allow TikTok to follow her users

Significantly, Google did not remove TikTok from its app store when it found out about it and did not impose any sanctions against ByteDance at all. Obviously, the company believes that it is justified by the fact that the developers themselves eliminated the problem after the publication of the corresponding investigation, which made the unauthorized collection of data public. In the case of Apple, such a number would definitely not have passed. Not only would Cupertino most likely immediately remove TikTok from the App Store, but then they also paid close attention to it.

However, it is possible that this will happen in the near future. The fact is that the United States imposed sanctions on ByteDance, which owns TikTok, banning American businesses from cooperating with it. That is, according to all the rules, both Apple and Google will be required to remove the service application from the App Store and Google Play. Otherwise, sanctions may be applied against them, and since no one wants to cut the branch on which they are sitting, it is more likely that TikTok will still be removed from the app stores.

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