Why I always leave comments on Google Play and advise you

Few would argue that Google Play is significantly inferior in the quality of verification and the general level of the AppStore. In the store Apple, everything is done better. Perhaps because of the company's approach, or maybe because applications for Android are simply written in a completely different way. There are no questions about the top applications from the “must have” list. They are both there and there are made well and work great. Small applications, the authors of which do not count on millions of downloads and which are not backed by a large studio, are quite another matter. Nevertheless, there are also good options among them. In any case, I always try to give feedback on the app. Why do I do this and advise you? I'll tell you now.

Why I always leave comments on Google Play and advise you

This store isn't so bad if you know how to use it.

How Google Play search works

First, I'll tell you a little about how Google Play search works. To be honest, no one really knows how it works, but there is still something to tell.

In some ways, Google Play is similar to YouTube or just a regular online store. We enter a request, receive an answer to it, and then choose from the proposed options. Naturally, the system tries to offer us what the average user likes best. User opinions are collected in the form of comments or likes, averaged and taken into account when creating recommendations.

Why I always leave comments on Google Play and advise you

Google Play and YouTube are very similar.

At first glance, everything is simple, but there are more complex algorithms. For example, an app will not make it to the top if it has an average rating of five out of five, but only a few people have expressed their opinion.

Why do I leave comments on applications

It's not hard for me to take a couple of minutes of my time to give my opinion on the app I downloaded. If I liked it, I will support the developer who tried hard and made a good product. If I don't like the application, I will do everything in my power to prevent other users from getting it. If there are many of us. This will make Google Play cleaner. Although, our Ivan Kuznetsov still does not want to use it.

It's no secret that he brings little money, and censors also check him very conditionally. Hence the myriad of apps that are frustrating at best. Sometimes you can even come across fraudulent applications. But this is rather a feature Android in general. It's easier for him to release a malicious application.

That's not all. The more comments and app ratings there are, the better for all of us. And that's why.

Why leave comments

We have already figured out that the more comments the better. Now let's try to understand what other advantages it brings to us.

Comments often affect not only how high an app will rank, but also how well a developer will feel about their work. After all, comments will be read not only by potential users before downloading, but also by the developer. Based on these reviews, if he cares, he may try to fix something. Or at least make it so that we do not recommend uninstalling this application.

Why I always leave comments on Google Play and advise you

If we try, we will go to the store for good apps, not bullshit

That is why you should not write sentences in the style of “trash application”. Usually a harder word is used, but this is not a print format. As a result, the developer, with all his might, does not know what to fix. Of course, many are unable to write a more comprehensive review, but if you point out specific flaws, it is likely that the application will get better.

Even if you didn't like absolutely everything in the application, you shouldn't be lazy. Better to indicate what you don't like specifically – design, settings and the fact that the application crashes every 10 minutes, for example. It will take 30 seconds but will be very helpful. Even for users for whom design is not as important as it is for you, and they will not give up functionality because of fonts.

Do developers check comments on their apps

Again. If a developer is interested in his product, he will definitely check the comments. This can even be done as another element of the software product quality check.

If a developer responds to comments, it means that he definitely cares and is really trying. For example, it releases one of the top five sports apps for home sports.

If you saw the banner “please rate us” in the applications, most likely it annoyed you. Sometimes this is true, because there is not always time to put an assessment right now. But that says one of two things.

In the first case, the creator of the application wants to collect more ratings to get feedback. In the second case, he wants to wind up his grades. But, even if so, why not put it on. Nobody is forcing you to put the maximum mark. If you like it, please rate the app, let it be higher in the rating. If not, say so. At the same time, again, save Google Play from the bad stuff.

In general, whatever one may say, grades should be given. Only in this way the world of applications will become much clearer and better, and we will see how the developers relate to us and their product.

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