Why do I advise everyone to install the latest update from Huawei

Probably everyone already knows that the United States refused to renew Huawei the license to update even those smartphones that came out before the sanctions and, logically, did not fall under them at all. Of course, the company immediately announced that nothing would change for users, and it plans to take updates from the official Google website, but the fact remains that now monthly security patches will most likely have to wait for several months. Therefore, the last update that Huawei was still released – EMUI 10.1 – feels especially valuable, and I was among the first to install it. Which is what I wish for you.

Huawei Mate 20

Huawei released EMUI 10.1 update for their smartphones

To begin with, Huawei released this update without Google itself. That is, the Chinese company did not have the basis in the form Android 10.1, and all the innovations are the exclusive invention of its developers. While the update isn't huge, there are a few pretty iconic features that really make the firmware better and make it easier to use your smartphone. It is because of them that I advise everyone not to neglect this update, but to unconditionally install it as soon as it becomes available to your device.

How to switch between apps


To switch between applications, you just need to swipe on the bottom of the screen. The gesture can be continued to open the multitasking menu

The first thing I noticed was the gesture to switch between apps. He was always on iPhone, and therefore his absence on Huawei gave me a lot of inconvenience. At first, I could not even believe that the Chinese did not foresee the possibility of quickly switching from one application to another.

Therefore, you had to open the multitasking menu and already there select the window of the application you need. In general, some inconvenience. But in EMUI 10.1, a special gesture appeared, which is to swipe on the bottom of the screen to the right or left and switch.

It may seem that this is not the most significant innovation, but it is not. Frankly, I really missed this gesture, because without it I really spent more time switching between applications. Now this manipulation is done as naturally as possible and in the shortest possible time.

Why do you need smart charging

Smart charging

Smart charging helps delay battery wear

Smart Charging is another new addition to EMUI 10.1. It aims to extend battery life by learning about user's habits and adjusting charging times to suit their behavior. That is, the smartphone will study at what time you usually put it on charge and at what time you take it off.

As a result, if you put your smartphone on charge for the whole night, connecting it to the outlet at about 10 pm, and taking off early in the morning, then he will understand this and, having charged up to 50%, will stop the current supply, resuming it only in the morning. This will save the battery from satiety, micro-discharge and constant recharging throughout the night, which in turn will lead to the preservation of the number of available cycles.

Conceptually, this technique is pretty close to the one implemented Apple. However, in the case of iPhone smart charging does not stop the current flow, but simply slows it down a lot. Because of this, the entire process can take 8-9 hours, continuously saturating the battery throughout the night.

How to run an application over another


You can now run one application on top of another

Well, the third function is a quick call to multi-window. This is a special mechanism that from any state allows you to call a list of applications that support multi-window and launch another task on the screen. It is enough just to pull from the right edge of the screen to the left and do not let go until the characteristic tab appears.

Unlike other firmwares, EMUI 10.1 offers not to launch two applications at the top and bottom of the screen, but opens the second program as if on top – in a floating window. This allows you, firstly, to get more information, because the application is not served in a truncated form, but, secondly, to transfer from it to another necessary files.

If you want, you can open this application in full screen, shrink it, move it from one part to another and just close it. In my opinion, this is more convenient than splitting the screen in two and spreading applications on both sides. As a result, you will not be able to work with either application or the other. It's good that the Chinese have thought it over.

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