What to listen to from new music? Lady Gaga knows the answer

We are often asked which of the new products is worth listening to on music streaming services. It is usually difficult to answer this question, since most people have different preferences in music: someone only listens to rock, others listen to hip-hop, and there are also 'omnivorous' music lovers. But there is a type of performer whose songs are listened to by almost everyone – these are world-famous singers and singers. One such performer is Lady Gaga, who has released her long-awaited sixth studio album. And even if you are not a fan of her work, but are in search of new interesting music, pay attention.

What to listen to from new music?  Lady Gaga knows the answer

It seems that the queen of shocking is back

Lady Gaga's popularity peaked in 2008-2009, when she released such hits as 'Bad Romance', 'Paparazzi', 'Just Dance' and 'Alejandro'. Many people liked the shocking image of the singer, but there were many fans of her musical work. As a result, Lady Gaga's songs, which are already several years old, are still listened to and even run on the radio. They are so fiery and mobile that they do not lose their relevance over time.

In fact, Lady Gaga took a rather long break in her musical career, but she did not waste this time in vain. She starred in the film A Star is Born, which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. As a result, this award was received by the song 'Shallow' to the film, which she also wrote and performed. After this film, my attitude towards Lady Gaga changed a lot – she appeared in the role of an ordinary girl, and not the queen of shocking, and this role turned out to be very suitable for her.

Lady Gaga's new album

It has long been rumored that Gaga has pulled herself together and is ready to release a new album. There was no doubt about that when the singer released the tracks 'Stupid Love' and 'Rain onMe', accompanying this case with incendiary dance videos, as well as the song 'Sour Candy'. Initially it was reported that the album 'Chromatica' would be released on April 10, but the release was postponed indefinitely: Lady Gaga did not want to release the album at such a difficult time as the coronavirus pandemic.

And so, on May 29, the singer's new album appeared in streaming services. It contains 16 tracks and will give you almost 45 minutes of selected pop music. If you look at the cover of the record, you might think that Lady Gaga has returned to the image of the queen of outrageousness again, but this is not entirely true. Yes, many tracks were recorded in the style of 'Bad Romance' and 'Poker Face', but there was a place in the album for romantic motives (as in the track 'Chromatica III'), and unusual duets – like the song 'Sine From Above', recorded with the participation of Elton John.

What to listen to from new music?  Lady Gaga knows the answer

Album cover 'Chromatica'

We can safely say that for so many years Lady Gaga has not lost her musical acumen and is ready to 'burn' dance floors and radio stations again this year. By the way, some of the physical copies of her album were delivered by Gaga personally in a large truck, because, according to her, “in the Chromatica universe, time and distance do not exist.”

Listen to the album 'Chromatica' on Boom, Yandex.Music or another streaming service, and then write about your impressions.

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