What I love about iOS more than Android

I would not like to disgrace the readers of our site, especially in the comments they usually very sharply perceive articles that speak well about Apple, iOS and iPhone, but I am for the truth. Moreover, the hostility to another operating system is not justified, and it's just a matter of taste. There are pluses in Andriod and in iOS, as well as minuses. Moreover, voicing the advantages of one operating system over another, on the contrary, is useful in order to understand what can be improved and begin to demand this from the manufacturer and developers. Recently iOS and Android have become very close in functionality and some other parameters, but still the difference between them is still big. Let's discuss what is better for Apple than for Google, because we all know the benefits of Android.

What I love about iOS more than Android

What's better?

iOS no better Android

Many of us appreciate Android for its openness and wide possibilities that it gives to the user. The problem is that this is what prevents him from realizing something of his potential. iOS, on the other hand, is more closed, but this makes it what is loved by millions of users around the world. In the end, if you take expensive phones, then despite the large number of Android flagships, iPhone still sells better. In the total mass of sales, it is only one-fifth of it, but only because inexpensive devices dominate the world Android.

After all, you can say as much as you like that Android is better, and iOS is complete rubbish, but something also makes people buy iPhone and iPad, which, by the way, sells much better than any tablet at Android.

Work speed iOS

I've been using both platforms for a long time – Android and iOS. During this time, I have formed a clear opinion about these platforms and I can safely say that I had much fewer bugs, crashes and slowdowns on iOS. Performance iPhone is generally better than Android – smartphones. Even setting aside the specs that some users look down on, iPhone is actually faster.

What I love about iOS more than Android

iOS 14 will continue the main ideas, but will take something from Android. It's good!

He may not be that good in games, but if we talk about overall performance, then this is an absolute fact. And even if iPhone doesn't have 12 GB of RAM, it doesn't need that much. iOS is generally not demanding on this indicator. Even the top-end iPhone 11 Pro Max is equipped with “only” a six-core processor and 4GB of RAM. In the world Android such characteristics have long become the lot of state employees, and even then some give 6GB of RAM, and there is an eight-core processor in models for 5000 rubles.

Regardless of whether Apple has better hardware or not, the most important thing is that iOS is optimized to work perfectly with the few devices that Apple produces. Meanwhile Android is sprayed between hundreds of devices and manufacturers often have no time for optimization. Even if they do it, it will still be far from iOS.

Some devices on Android outperform devices on iOS, but in general everything is exactly as I described above – iOS runs smoother and faster than Android.

What you need to learn to use iOS

You don't need anything to learn how to use iOS. This is one of its advantages. It may be a little more closed than Android, but it is much simpler and clearer. And again, due to optimization, everything is in place in it. All shortcuts are tailored in size and appearance, all menus are in place, and all windows are simple and straightforward.

The fact that every smartphone manufacturer on Android can offer their own skin and customize the appearance as they want, this sometimes brings great difficulties to the process of use. Especially when you need to update your smartphone.

What I love about iOS more than Android

Any iOS is distinguished by its simplicity. Albeit at the expense of openness.

The essence of the expression 'it just works' perfectly reflects the approach Apple. She understands that not everyone needs to constantly adjust and adjust something. Instead, the company has made a product that everyone can understand. Everything is done in it to meet the needs of the overwhelming majority with a minimum investment of time. And most importantly, everything is intuitive.

Update iOS

It is not even worth dwelling here in detail, since updates are something that no one will argue with. iOS takes longer to update Android, which smartphone we would not talk about. Many will joke that Apple is releasing updates to slow down smartphones and force people to buy new ones, but this is not the case. There really was such a scandal, and then the company admitted that it reduced the performance of devices with an old battery in order to save it, but now it was canceled and for several years the update iOS can even be installed on old devices quite calmly.

For example, I had a iPad Air 2 that came out with iOS 8 on board. In the end, I updated it to iOS 13 and it worked much better on this version than on iOS 10 that was before. For a long time I did not dare to upgrade, but after a couple of years I realized what I needed and was pleasantly surprised. The gadget will not work faster than the original version of the software, as new items in general become more resource-demanding. But a smartphone and a tablet can still be used safely.

Android has been renewed for the most part only for two years. Some updates do not receive the next version of the software, although there are those that squeeze out for three whole years. These are Google and OnePlus, which also have a small lineup. Recently, Samsung also promises to release three updates for new smartphones. Let's see how she handles it.

Ecosystem Apple and iCloud

Google has significantly improved the integration of its services across devices over the past few years. However, products Apple such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac computers are tightly integrated with iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and other internal services. Despite the fact that Google has competing services that also work great, but they are not so easy to use, and their functionality is not so powerful. One shared clipboard is worth it when you press “copy” on one device and you can immediately press “paste” on the other.

To implement something similar to Google, you need to install separate applications and configure them. Only after that everything will work more or less. But in the end, everyone forgets (or scores) about it and does not use it.

What I love about iOS more than Android

Something about Apple and Google even have similar ecosystems. Only Apple has it a little better. Perhaps she just has few devices.

Even the AppStore is better than Google Play. There, too, is full of everything free, but applications are checked much more meticulously before publication. This is bad for developers, but good for ordinary users. As a result, the apps are not only better optimized, but they also don't have that many ads.

Security in iOS is also great. Of course, Android also pulled up a lot, but due to the nature of the system iPhone it is much more difficult to hack. I especially like it when you download an application and decide for yourself what rights to give it. If you do not give something, then this function simply will not work. There are simply no cases when an application requires access to everything, including location and phone calls, preventing it from being used in the event of a ban.

Using Apple CarPlay

As much as I tried to force myself to use Android Auto, I never succeeded. Instead, even when I'm not using it as a second phone iPhone, I always have an old device in my car with this function, which I connect to my car's system.

CarPlay is much better organized than Android Auto. Everything is good in it – from appearance to functionality. Only Yandex.Maps is missing. The interface Android Auto can be a little confusing as it is chaotic. Recommended actions are suggested and ordered using Google's magic algorithms, which means the list is constantly changing, forcing you to read more and sometimes even scroll to find what you need.

Android Auto lacks the concept of muscle memory, which I think is very distracting while driving. And while Google Assistant performs a lot better than silly Siri, it's not enough to make me admit that Android Auto is better than CarPlay.

How much can you sell for iPhone

Here's another nice factor in terms of technology Apple. It is expensive, but it is expensive for several years. If you buy a top-end Samsung for the same money it costs iPhone, then in three to four months discounts and promotions will begin on it. Huawei in general, from the first day of sales, he shoots everyone with gifts. C iPhone the picture is different. Of course, it will fall in price in a year, but in three years it will not fall in price any more than Samsung or OPPO in one year. As a result, changing iPhone every couple of years will be much cheaper than any other phone.

What I love about iOS more than Android

iPhone is expensive, but it can also be expensive to sell.

I'll even give an example. That iPad Air 2, which I already mentioned above, I bought in 2014, when it is only higher. Just a couple of weeks ago, I sold it for 23,000 rubles. Then I paid a little more than 40,000 rubles for it. Now the simplest one iPad will be better, but you can buy it for 25,000 – 30,000 rubles. So much for the cost of owning a device with iOS. How much has a smartphone or tablet at Android become cheaper at that time?

It should be remembered that smartphones from such popular manufacturers as Huawei, Samsung, Honor and maybe even OPPO do not lose so much in price as some others from less famous brands. If iPhone in two years can be sold for half the original price, Samsung or Huawei for 30-35% of the “amount in the check”, and something not so top-end may even drop to 15-20% of the original cost. As a result, upgrading the middle peasant to the same one in two years, you will spend as much money as if you upgrade the top one iPhone after the same time.

Before spreading me in the comments or in the Telegram chat, once again understand that the purpose of the article is not to belittle dignity Android. I think he is very cool myself. Just as always, there is something good in different places. It's like people. One is rich, the other is smart, and the third has a sense of humor, but they are all great people and it is interesting to communicate with them.

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